MTV Rebooting The Real World on Facebook Watch

The Real World has aired on MTV for all 32 seasons, but the iconic series now heads to Facebook Watch for a more interactive approach; a new trailer also promotes The Real World’s global reach. Inspired by the 1973 PBS documentary An American Family, The Real World first premiered in 1992 with 13 episodes set in New York City.

Over the subsequent years, the series became a staple of 90s pop culture, as topics such as gender, race, and AIDS expanded the castmates’ worldview, all the while instigating consistent conflict within the house setting. Using the now famous tagline that references what happens “when people stop being polite and start getting real,” The Real World’s ability to create instant fame for young adults preceded the reality TV boom of the 2000s, in which socialites such as Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Kim Kardashian became influential celebrities, boosted by the rise of social media. The Real World also spawned successful spinoff series like Road Rules and The Challenge, with further familiarized viewers with The Real World alum while strengthening the brand as a whole. MTV aired its last episode of The Real World nearly two years ago, as the 32nd season subtitled “Bad Blood” came to a close in Seattle.

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Per TVLine, Facebook Watch recently announced a new deal with MTV Studios at MIPCOM 2018, where leading executives referenced The Real World’s ability to connect people of different backgrounds. Check out the annoucement video below.

The Real World Returns

The first unscripted show in history returns. It's time to start getting real again.

Posted by Real World on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

For the new season, Facebook Watch hopes to “impact culture” once again to create a “new genre of television," according to MTV's President, Chris McCarthy. In addition, the new concept will feature three cities and three casts (United States, Mexico, Thailand), and audiences will have the opportunity to vote the first castmate onto the show. At Facebook Watch’s MIPCOM presentation, it was also announced that viewers will be able to interact with the cast via Facebook Live and various scheduled events. 

The Real World also has a new trailer, in which the series’ cultural legacy is heavily promoted during the first half. The 70-second clip ends by teasing the new concepts and locations, as global visuals contrast full screen black, white, and blue graphics. Facebook Watch launched on August 10, 2017, and the video-on-demand service received attention from the sports world earlier this year for the six-episode docuseries Tom vs Time, featuring New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

With many media outlets focusing on a pivot-to-video approach, Facebook Watch continues to invest heavily in original video programming, and The Real World deal represents a sign of the times.

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Source: TVLine

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