Get Out Leads 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards Nominations

Get Out (2017)

Jordan Peele's critical darling Get Out is leading the pack when it comes to the nominees for this year's MTV Movie & TV Awards ceremony. Ever since 1992, MTV has honored films with its awards show. They include a combination of serious awards  - Best Movie, Best Performances - and some more tongue-in-cheek ones, such as Best Kiss. Some of the sillier awards only last a little while; in 1996, for example, Smoke won the only Best Sandwich in a Movie Award and Zac Efron is a two time winner for Best Shirtless Performence - a three-year-old category that has now been retired.

This year, the biggest change is right in the title - as it's no longer the MTV Movie Awards, but rather now The MTV Movie & TV Awards. The addition of the TV Awards shakes things up a bit. There are some awards that are TV only or movie only, including Movie of the Year, Show of the Year, Best Host and Best Documentary. However, other awards have both movies and TV shows nominated in the same category; Best Kiss, Best Villain, Best Comedic Performance, Best Hero, and Tearjerker are just some of the awards where shows and movies are competing for the same bucket of golden popcorn.

New categories this year also include Best American Story and Best Fight Against the System, both of which also have film and TV nods. The nominations for 2017 have now been announced and leading with the most nominees this year is Get Out with six, including Movie of the Year, Best Villain, and both Best Actor and Next Generation for lead actor Daniel Kaluuya. Stranger Things has the most television show nominations, with two going to breakout child star Millie Bobby Brown. (The full list of nominees can be found at MTV's official website.)

Eleven in Stranger Things and Coke can

Other repeat nominees at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards include Beauty and the Beast with four nominations and Best Picture Oscar Winner Moonlight with three. On the television side Game of Thrones also has three nominations. While executives and producers at MTV decide on the nominees, the actual winners are voted on by the public. Interested parties can vote in each category once a day by going to

Two categories have not yet been announced; they will be, closer to the actual show. These Awards may include the MTV Generation Award - similar to a Lifetime Achievement Award - and the Trailblazer Award, which goes to a young actor with an impressive body of work and good reputation in the eye of the public. The Comedic Genius Award has also not been announced, but it is unclear whether these awards are continuing or will be voted on by the public. Hosting this year is Adam DeVine.

The MTV Movie & TV Awards airs on Sunday, May 7.

Source: MTV

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