MTV Movie Awards: I Must Just Be Too Old

Here's how much attention I pay to the MTV Movie Awards: I didn't even know it aired this past weekend until I checked my usual online haunts today.

When a movie like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest wins for best movie and Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen win an award for best onscreen kiss from Talledega Nights, I know I didn't miss anything.

I mean I'm all for an awards show that rewards great AND popular movies instead of just the "meaningful" movies that seem to dominate the Oscars lately, but this is just a bit too much in the opposite direction for my taste. How about at least a little compromise between what made the most money and something that was actually good? I mean from the choices they had, I think 300 blows the doors of off the bloated Dead Man's Chest.

Oh well, guess I won't have a swarm of MTV fans hitting up Screen Rant any time soon. :-)

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