Aziz Ansari To Host 2010 MTV Movie Awards?

Comedian and rising TV/film star Aziz Ansari is a good friend to movie lovers. Whether he's blogging or Tweeting guidance about which IMAX screens to avoid or appearing in viral videos that are funnier than the movies they're spawned from, he is as much an advocate as an entertainer.

He's also the best thing about NBC's Parks and Recreation (though both Nick Offerman and Chris Pratt are close on his heels). Now we hear that Ansari could make this year's MTV Movie Awards funnier than usual.

According to Show Tracker -- but not yet confirmed by MTV --  Ansari is in talks to host the event, which is set to be aired live on June 6th, a few days before the comedian heads off on his "Dangerously Delicious" comedy tour. The fact that he has not personally promoted the MTV gig through any of his online platforms is strong evidence that it's not a done deal, but I'm sure he'll be letting us know any Tweet now.

Ansari is a very web-minded performer, who works occasionally unrelatable anecdotes about social media and online forums into his stand up act. I wouldn't be surprised if he even managed to get his minor-celebrity cousins, whom he obsessively talks about in his comedy routines (and elsewhere), to be a part of the awards show, despite how obscure their appearance would be to most viewers.

More likely, Ansari would perform some of his shtick as Raaaaaaaandy, his DJ-supplemented stand-up comedian character from Judd Apatow's Funny People, who is set to get his own spin-off movie sometime in the future.

The raunchy character has developed into a very big alter ego for Ansari, who has performed as Raaaaaaaandy during the encore segment of his stage act, in a hip-hop mix-tape album and in multiple videos, such as a recent Funny or Die spot where the character tried to start an industry rivalry between himself and an armed and weed-smoking Justin Bieber.

Ansari also appears in the upcoming Forgetting Sarah Marshall spin-off, Get Him to the Greek, which stars last year's MTV Video Music Awards host Russell Brand and Jonah Hill. That comedy coincidentally opens the same weekend as the MTV Movie Awards, so that is another logical reason to have Ansari (if not Brand or Hill) emcee the show.

Source: Show Tracker

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