MTV's Ghosted Helps People Track Down People Who Ghosted Them

Ghosted- Love Gone Missing MTV

In the vein of Catfish MTV is releasing Ghosted, a reality TV show which will be helping people track down individuals who have ghosted them. The series will be coming to television screens this fall.

The term "ghosting" is a slang term coined in the digital age. It is the act of ending a relationship by abruptly cutting off communication with the individual without explanation, usually in terms of someone with whom you're romantically involved. This usually entails not responding to messages, phone calls, or direct messages, and can also include being blocked. The term is so widely accepted, it officially became a word in Webster's Dictionary.

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MTV is taking on another investigative style reality TV with Ghosted: Love Gone Missing, with hosts - former Bachelorette star - Rachel Lindsay and artist Travis Mills. Viewers first met Rachel, a lawyer, on season 21 of The Bachelor and then as the star of season 13 of The Bachelorette (the first-ever African-American star in the history of the franchise). She also tried her hand at co-hosting on a weekly podcast called Bachelor Happy Hour. Travis, a recording artist, actor, and on-air personality hosts his own radio show, Travis Mills Live. Check out an official image of the hosts courtesy of MTV below:

MTV Ghosted hosts

Ghosted: Love Gone Missing premieres September 10 at 9 pm EST on MTV.

Source: MTV

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