MTV Confirms: 'Terminator: Salvation' Rocks

MTV News has been one of longest holdouts around the blogosphere to hop on the Terminator: Salvation bandwagon. But after being treated to a special fifteen-minute screening of the film this past Monday, even the Vee-jays had to confess: Terminator: Salvation is looking pretty badass.

As per the deal, MTV couldn't reveal much about what they saw during the screening, boiling the experience down to this superficial account:

The clips the director unveiled made for a fantastically noisy spectacle of carnage and fire, speeding trucks and exploding tankers, cool-looking mechanical creations and old school hand-to-bot combat.

Pretty much what most of us were able to glean from the two-minute trailer that dropped a month ago. Still, kudos to MTV for passing on the insider confirmation!

Some other interesting tidbits MTV learned during a Q&A with Terminator Salvation director McG, after the screening:

And speaking of Sarah Connor, there is some speculation that Linda Hamilton, the actress who portrayed Sarah Connor in all her buffed-up glory in the first two Terminator films, might return for some kind of cameo in the new installment.

Really, that "rumor" is nothing more than some wishful thinking taken from a side comment McG made during the Q&A about how at one point he envisioned having Sarah Connor do a voice-over to open Salvation. But still, considering all the time-travel storylines that eventually HAVE to get factored into this new Terminator trilogy, seeing Hamilton make some kind of appearance would be pretty sweet.

So what do you think? is Terminator Salvation still high in your list of most anticipated movies of 2009?

Sources: MTV News & Coming Soon

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