Riz Ahmed Wants to Co-Write Ms. Marvel Script

Riz Ahmed has expressed interest in writing the screenplay for a potential Ms. Marvel movie. Since Marvel Studios Kevin Feige teased everyone that they have plans for Kamala Khan in the MCU, fans have started to speculate the possible specifics of her imminent arrival to the franchise. A Pakistani American teenager from Jersey City, New Jersey who is also the first Muslim headlining character in the Marvel comics, Khan is an Inhuman who assumes the title Ms. Marvel from her idol, Carol Danvers (who is set to make her cinematic debut next year in Captain Marvel) after the latter officially became Captain Marvel.

Much of Khan's story hinges on her identity as a Muslim. Her adventures oftentimes highlight not just her conflict with her antagonist, but how her responsibility as a superhero could clash with her home and religious duties. The premise of the character is already a sensitive matter considering social and political climate, so it's best to have creatives who know what they're working on. That said, it's also very important that whoever will be behind the Ms. Marvel project will know how to infuse humor and playfulness into the film considering that above it all, Kamala is a teenager, similar to the vibe Peter Parker and Shuri has.

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Taking to his official Twitter account, Ahmed, who is slated to appear in Sony's Venom film later this year, tagged Marvel Studios asking them when he, Mindy Kaling and Kumail Nanjiani can start working on the script for the planned Ms. Marvel movie. Fans were quickly excited with the idea, much more so when Kaling replied to the tweet saying that she was personally "obsessed" with Kamala and has read all of her comic book issues. No word yet from Nanjiani or Marvel Studios but people are really digging the possibility. Check out their tweets below:

On the surface, it looks like an odd task for Ahmed, Kaling, and Nanjiani considering that the three are more known for their on-screen work. But all three actors also have experiences behind-the-camera. Ahmed both directed and wrote 2014's short film, Daytimer which is about young boy opting to skip school to attend his first rave event. Kaling has written and directed countless episodes of The Office (which she also starred in) and a New York Times best-selling author. Finally, Nanjiani (along with his wife Emily V. Gordon) is the brain behind the Academy Award nominated film, The Big Sick. But more than anything, their perspective in crafting a big screen version of Kamala Khan that mirrors the real-world lifestyles of American Muslim teenagers living in the country would make all the difference between a authentic-feeling movie that would resonate with the audience and a pretentious one.

It's important to note, however, that while Feige did say that they have plans for Ms. Marvel, no standalone film for the character has been confirmed at the moment. It's possible that the movie can still be years away from now. People are going to get a clearer picture with regard to when Kamala can make her much-anticipated on-screen debut when Marvel Studios reveal their mysterious Phase 4 plans. 

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