Fox Developing 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Sequel with Robin Williams

Fox 2000 is currently developing a sequel to the 1993 film 'Mrs. Doubtfire' with Robin Williams and Chris Columbus (Harry Potter) reportedly attached.

Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel Coming with Robin Williams

After a star turning role in Dead Poet's Society in 1989, Robin Williams had a quick succession of popular, hit comedies: Hook, Aladdin, Jumanji, The Birdcage, and so on. But it was his role as divorced actor Daniel Hillard - not to mention Daniel's alter ego, Euphegenia Doubtfire - in Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) that brought Williams both popular acclaim and a Golden Globe for Best Actor.

In that film, Daniel lost a custody battle for his children with his ex-wife (Sally Field). While he was allowed to visit with his kids once a week, Daniel also chose to cross-dress as an elderly woman and become the children's nanny in order to be around them as much as possible. It's one of those brilliantly dumb schemes that lends itself perfectly to many hilarious outcomes, all of which Williams played wonderfully.

Like a majority of Hollywood's family comedies, Mrs. Doubtfire had a happy ending, so the need for a sequel isn't all too clear (except, of course, $$$). However, if a recent report is to be believed, Mrs. Doubtfire 2 is happening.

According to THR, Fox 2000 is currently developing the sequel with the intention of reuniting director Chris Columbus (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) and Williams for the project. The script will be penned by David Berenbaum (Elf).

Mrs. Doubtfire Starring Robin Williams

This isn't the first we've heard of a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel, as years ago Bonnie Hunt had purportedly written a script, but nothing ever came of it. Since then, Columbus has commented on the possibility of a sequel, but never with any concrete plans to pursue one. Here's what he said a few years back:

"'Mrs. Doubtfire' is an interesting idea for a sequel because it’s the one time in film history where you can revisit the character and they’ll be the same age 15 years later. Because of the make-up, people can see Mrs. Doubtfire again and nothing has changed about her, which I think is kind of interesting."

Not too sure about this being the "one time in film history" it's been possible to revisit a character years later and in real time, but chances are under that makeup - and especially a layer or two of whipped topping - Williams would look no different as Mrs. Doubtfire than he did over 20 years ago.

The real question is: What would a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel be about? If it were to have Daniel reconnecting with his grandchildren through the same character, it'd be too much of a rehashing of the original's plot. What's more plausible is some kind of follow-up with Daniel featuring his show, Euphegenia's House, where he continued to play the character, dishing out homespun advice. Perhaps the show was a runaway hit and the character is now out of his control, or maybe it flopped and Daniel's in ruin, having to rely on his children for support.

Whatever writer David Berenbaum has in mind, his past work on Elf is proof enough he can make a good blend of family-friendly material and comedy that isn't cringeworthy. And the promised involvement of both Columbus and Williams will surely put those on the fence about a sequel coming some two decades later more at ease.

What do you think of the possibility of a sequel to Mrs Doubtfire? Is the time right? What could it be about? Sound off in the comments below!


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Source: THR

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