'Mr. Robot' Series Premiere Preview: Hackers As Underground Heroes

Imagine a world where corporate greed has enslaved nearly everyone into being human drones working all day for virtually no pay. Then imagine that there is a young computer security expert who works as a corporate drone by day, and is a white-knight hacker by night. But who is he really fighting? Is it the people who run illegal porn sites, the cheating spouses duping women on dating sites, or the guy who is just skimming at his job? Or should he be working to take down these corporations who ensure the mass populace earns pennies for their work while the corporate suits reap millions in corporate salaries and bonuses? It is a world ripe for a take-down and all it requires is the right person in the right place to tip the scales.

In USA Network's new dark drama series Mr.Robot, the hero is a young man Elliot (Rami Malek, Need For Speed, Night at the Museum), diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder and paranoid delusions - that means what he sees may or may not be real. So when Elliot starts seeing men in dark suits following him, is he imagining it or is there something more sinister going on and he has stumbled into a corporate web of deceit and evil dealings? Elliot's day job is working at a security firm and one day he counters a vicious hacker attack, which puts him in the spotlight. Thus, to his employer and the company he saved, he is the hero; but what if the attack had a different purpose, one that would have helped millions of people?  Just who is the hero then?

Elliot is not your typical hero. With his social awkwardness, his internal monologue raging against the false masks worn by everyone around him, and his internal bleeding-heart yearning to help others - especially to the girl of his dreams and his therapist who seems to always be encountering all the wrong men - Elliot is not your typical warm-and-fuzzy hero. But he is brilliant with a computer and he cannot be bought. He is a caped-crusader from behind a computer and no one knows.

That is until the day he saves an evil empire, and they want to use him for their own ends. Yet simultaneously, Elliot finds himself receiving a cryptic invitation to play a high-stakes game of hacking. Enter Mr. Robot, portrayed with devilish charm by Christian Slater. But is Mr. Robot to be trusted or is he seeking to exploit Elliot for his own gain as well?

Mr. Robot offers a glimpse inside the internal world of a solitary and lonely hacker, looking to expose fraud, greed and duplicity, who finds himself embroiled suddenly in a much higher game within a game - and just who can he trust?  In addition, Elliot is never quite sure if any of it is a figment of his own fractured reality.

With a cast that also includes Michael Gill (House of Cards), Gloria Reuben (ER, The Blacklist), and Bruce Altman (Elementary), Mr. Robot is a delight for those looking to have their cerebral funny-bone tickled by conspiracies, paranoia, and a dose of corporate thriller. It has a dark edginess that will feel unsettling at times, but the story will could draw you into its slightly bent world.

Those wanting to check out Mr. Robot will have the opportunity to preview the first episode starting Wednesday, May 27th when it will be made available online through a wide array of platforms, including English and Hispanic VOD, Digital and TVE Platforms, Xfinity On Demand, as well as iTunes, Amazon, XBox, Google Play, Vudu, PlayStation, M-GO, YouTube, Hulu,, Twitch, Crave Online, IMDb,, The,,, and

Mr. Robot will then debut in its regular timeslot, starting Wednesday, June 24th at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network. It will also be simulcast on NBC UNIVERSO with subtitles that same night. Find out if there is indeed a hacking revolution or if someone is playing a game within a game and using Elliot as the key chess piece on the board. You can just hear the words: "Shall we play a game?" ringing in your head and wondering just how safe it is to answer that call.

Watch Mr. Robot and find out!

Check out a preview below:

Mr. Robot will premiere Wednesday, June 24th at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network.

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