Mr. Robot Season 3 Clip: Elliot Hacks Into Trouble

Rami Malek in Mr. Robot Season 2

Prepare yourself, friend. This clip is just the beginning.

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Elliot hacks his way into trouble in this brand new clip from Mr. Robot season 3. The third run of USA’s hoodie-stuffed, critically adored drama will focus on Elliot “trying to bounce back”, following the epic confrontation with the Dark Army from the end of season 2. Last season’s finale left off with a teasing post-credits scene, so there’s still plentiful material to tackle.

The stakes seem to be high this time around, as the first Mr. Robot season 3 trailer suggested that democracy at large is in trouble. And there will be new challenges from Elliot to face, as well, such as a mysterious salesman character played by Bobby Cannavale. Plus, Rami Malek’s Elliot still doesn’t have complete control in his relationship with Mr. Robot (Christian Slater).

And now, this new clip suggests that Elliot is about to get caught off guard. Elliot has just won the Def Con CTF Qualifiers – a big cyber-security tournament, based on real life - and rejected the ensuing adulation. Instead, he focuses on his next task - hacking the event itself. But Elliot is so deeply focused on the coding conundrums that he fails to notice the people around him.

It’s a familiar voice that draws Elliot out from his computer monitor, but it's promptly followed by a rather threatening statement: “Stand up and walk with us. Do it.” Is Elliot about to forge a new alliance or make a new enemy, or perhaps a bit of both? Mr. Robot thrives in gray areas, after all. Fans will have to wait until the new episodes air to find out exactly how this all shakes out.

One could argue that Mr. Robot’s advertising is a bit too opaque. It’s hard to get massively excited about anything, because it’s never easy to tell what any of these teases actually mean. However, Elliot would thrive at trying to decode the messages and meanings of these unconventional promo videos, and perhaps that’s the point.

The theme of season 3 will apparently be “disintegration”, as Malek himself revealed recently. That could refer to the society at large or Elliot’s mental state, or, again, a bit of both. Elliot is also recovering from the gunshot wound he picked up in season 2, and he’ll have to deal with the fact that “Darlene is changing and [he has] to learn how to change with her.” There’s plenty going on, then, and it should be fun to watch another intricate plot unravel.

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Mr. Robot season 3 premieres on USA on October 11th.

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