Mr. Robot Season 2 Trailer: An Infinite Loop of Insanity

A new trailer for season 2 of Mr. Robot asks the question of what has happened to Elliot and to the world in the aftermath of season 1.

Mr. Robot season 1 finale delayed

Season 1 of Mr. Robot was an unexpected critical hit for USA Network. Whereas many portrayals of computer hacking in popular media have been pretty embarrassingly off the mark (see the 1995 film Hackers for a prime example), Mr. Robot managed to get it mostly right while at the same time using it as only a part of a larger story about modern paranoia and a familiar message about the influence of corporations on the lives of regular people whether they are aware of it or not.

The first season ended with a bang as the show's protagonist Elliot set off a series of events with wide-ranging implications for the world around him. What exactly the full range of those implications might be is unknown, but as the start of season 2 approaches we are closer to finding out.

The above trailer for season 2 hints that at least some of those will be explored, including the implications for Elliot himself. Starting with the titular Mr. Robot asking Elliot what he remembers of "the night of the hack," it expands outward from there to no one less than President Obama himself addressing the events of the first season, followed by hints of an "infinite loop of insanity" yet to come. "Our revolution needs a leader," Mr. Robot says, and presumably that leader is the increasingly unstable Elliot.

Mr. Robot Season 2 poster

Fans of the first season will notice continued parallels to Fight Club, the movie Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail has been vocal about paying homage to with his series. Those parallels were certainly front and center by the end of the first season, and as the after-effects of Mr. Robot's Project Mayhem-like plans are explored in season 2, they are likely to continue. Where Mr. Robot veers off dramatically from its spiritual predecessor, though, is in its exploration of the far-reaching influence of modern technology, and Esmail has said that exploration will continue.

Beyond the larger themes of the show, however, is the question of what will happen to Elliot himself after the revelations made about him at the end of season 1. If this new trailer and the previous teaser trailer for Mr. Robot season 2 are any indication, things are about to get even crazier for Elliot and his fsociety friends. With fsociety's plan in place and the financial system toppling to the ground, Elliot's sanity may follow closely behind it.

Mr. Robot returns July 13, 2016 on USA Network.

Source: USA Network

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