Mr. Robot Season 2: Creator Sam Esmail To Direct All 10 Episodes

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USA Network's original series Mr. Robot came out of nowhere earlier this year and hit hard, attracting swathes of critical acclaim that have now culminated in three Golden Globe nominations. The show stars Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson, a computer tech and secret vigilante hacker who finds himself drawn into an underground movement that plans to destroy the corporate stranglehold on the world. Christian Slater plays the mysterious Mr. Robot, the leader of hacker group fsociety, and the series also featured Carly Chaikin, Portia Doubleday and Martin Wallström.

As is usual for TV shows, the first season of Mr. Robot was directed by a handful of different directors, with the show's creator Sam Esmail directing three out of the ten episodes that have aired so far. Speaking to Screen Rant at New York Comic Con this year, Esmail described the first season of the show as "the first 30 minutes of the movie," and promised that things would be very different in season 2 - for reasons that will be obvious to anyone who has finished watching the first season.

Now it seems that Esmail is ready to expand his creative control over the series, as Variety reports that the showrunner will direct all ten episodes of Mr. Robot season 2. The writers room is currently working on the stories for the next chapter in Elliot's strange life, which is set to once again film on location in New York City. The second season is expected to premiere in summer 2016, though possibly a little later in the year than the first season.

Having the same director across all episodes of a season doesn't happen too often, for practical reasons. TV shows have a tighter turnaround than films, so generally one director will focus on post-production for their episode while another director begins filming the next episode, and another works on preparation for the episode after that. With that said, Mr. Robot is far from the first TV show to take this approach; the first season of True Detective, for example, was directed entirely by Cary Fukunaga.

Christian Slater and Rami Malek in Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 10

USA has plenty of reasons to put faith in Esmail. Mr. Robot enjoyed decent ratings that stayed steady throughout its first season, and thanks to word of mouth it can probably be expected to pick up some more viewers in its sophomore season. The praise from critics and the Golden Globes nominations won't hurt its popularity either.

One of the challenges of a great first season is creating a second season that lives up to it, so hopefully a more challenging workload as director won't be too disruptive to Esmail's vision. His previous directing credits include a short film called Deep Down in Florida and a romantic comedy called Comet, which starred Justin Long and Emmy Rossum.

Mr. Robot Season 2 is expected to arrive on USA in summer 2016.

Source: Variety

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