Mr. Robot Season 2 Clip: The Revolution is Happening

Last summer, Mr. Robot left audiences with one of the more memorable first seasons of any TV program in a long while. By the time the hacker drama reached its finale, it had answered a number of major questions with regard to its plot and protagonist Elliot Alderson. But like any good drama, it also raised a number of new, potentially more compelling questions in the process. One of the more pressing questions was that of Tyrell Wellick's disappearing act and Elliot's convenient loss of time, which didn't allow him to account for his whereabouts or even his actions when the whole Five/Nine hack transpired.

The disappearance of Wellick was the sort of thing that gave the season 1 finale a sense of foreboding and dread to go along with the surreal sense of victory(?) following the successful hack of Evil Corp. Elliot and f-society changed the world (or did they?), but the gap in his timeline made it difficult to tell whether or not it was time to pop the champagne or to get out of Dodge. Then there was the ominous knock on Elliot's door – one that the early promotions for season 2 made great use of – that hinted answers to the many questions raised in the finale would be coming but, this being Mr. Robot after all, the audience may not be getting them any time soon.

In a surprising move, however, USA released a lengthy clip that is either very revealing or another piece of well-controlled misdirection that seems to insinuate Tyrell Wellick's fate on the night of the Five/Nine hack. Released on Mr. Robot's Facebook page, the seven-minute clip begins with a countdown that's little more than a tease – or a way to see who among the fan base is patient enough to sit through it without skipping ahead (it's okay, you can jump forward to about the 4:17 mark).

Mr. Robot season 2 poster

The first half of the clip (post-countdown) is dedicated to someone in an f-society mask going over the Five/Nine attack, calling it the true Independence Day. The masked figure also claims the attack on Evil Corp was just the beginning and that the "real revolution starts now." It's the kind of speech that was seen time and again throughout season 1, but now there's some real weight behind those muffled words in the wake of the hack. It's an interesting shift in the balance of power that the clip puts to good use, especially as things shift over to the night it all happened, when Tyrell accompanied Elliot to the arcade from which f-society was based.

The shift is as jarring as any the series has presented so far, putting the audience in Tyrell's shoes for a moment as he complains about wearing the mask before a long tracking shot finds Elliot stationed at a computer, starting a revolution. Elliot seems particularly out of it, speaking only in short sentences. Tyrell's clearly captivated by Elliot's handiwork, describing it as "something's come alive." He's so transfixed watching the monitors he doesn't see Elliot going for some tasty popcorn – or that gun that was stashed in the popcorn machine before the finale. Given the tone of the scene, it's safe to say the insinuation is Tyrell's going to eat lead rather than enjoy the buttery goodness of some fresh-popped popcorn.

Of course, as the series has proven before, all is not as it seems. Given Elliot's lost time this could be a recovered memory, or a trick of his fractured mind. Either way, there are only a few more days to wait to find out.


Mr. Robot season 2 premieres Wednesday, July 13 @10pm on USA.

Source: Mr. Robot

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