Mr. Robot’s Final Season Is One Long Christmas Special

Mr. Robot Season 4

The final season of USA’s Emmy-winning drama Mr. Robot will unfold in a peculiar manner, as series creator Sam Esmail reveals it will be one long Christmas Special. The series has been a critical darling for the cable network since its premiere in 2015, with its twisty, mind-warping narrative becoming something of a cultural phenomenon, while also affording USA a chance to break into a different kind of TV storytelling than it was used to with the likes of Burn Notice and Suits. Now, with the end on the horizon, it sounds as though Esmail is taking his cue from across the pond, turning Mr. Robot’s swan song into a clever riff on a familiar British TV trope. 

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It’s been a minute since Mr. Robot was actually gracing USA’s schedule, as the series aired its last episode — the season 3 finale, ‘shutdown-r’ — in December of 2017. Since then, both Esmail and star Rami Malek have been busy, with the series creator going on to direct all 10 episodes of the Amazon Prime thriller Homecoming, which stars Julia Roberts. Malek, meanwhile, has seen his star on a meteoric rise after taking home a Best Actor Oscar for his role as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody. He’s since parlayed that win into a role as the villain in the as-yet-untitled Bond 25, which will be Daniel Craig’s last time as the martini-swilling super-spy. 

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As reported by Deadline, Esmail discussed the upcoming fourth and final season of Mr. Robot during a Tribeca Talks session at the Tribeca Film Festival. There, he asked the crowd, “Is anybody here a fan of British television?” before going on to clarify: 

Christian Slater and Rami Malek in Mr. Robot Season 3

“Typically how [British shows] wrap up series, like the British [version of The] Office, you tend to do a Christmas special. So the final season of Mr. Robot is one very long Christmas special that will last about a week over Christmas of 2015.”

Esmail went on to assure those in attendance that despite taking some time off and now reaching its conclusion during the holiday season of 2015, Mr. Robot “is still ending [the exact way I always envisioned].” That leaves plenty of questions to be answered, given what unfolded in the final moments of the season 3 finale, which brought back a familiar villain after Elliot (Malek) and the others managed to largely undo the hack that crippled the world’s economy. As for what else the show has in store for its final go-round, it would seem eager audiences will have to wait to find out more from the notoriously secretive series. 

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Mr. Robot season 4 is expected to premiere sometime in 2019. 

Source: Deadline

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