Mr. Inbetween: FX’s Dark Hitman Dramedy Renewed For Season 2

Scott Ryan in Mr. Inbetween Season 1

FX will be spending more time down under and in the company of some unsavory types, as the network announces it (along with FOXTEL) has renewed Mr. Inbetween for a second season. The announcement comes as the series prepares to air the final two episodes of season 1, wrapping up the first leg of Ray Shoesmith’s (Scott Ryan) increasingly strange misadventures as a fixer and hitman for a local crime lord. And for those who have been tuning in regularly, the news should come as a welcome surprise. 

What’s remarkable about Mr. Inbetween is the show’s ability to take a conceit that’s been overplayed over many years — that of a hitman with everyday concerns, and who is also a guy you can’t help but like —  and somehow make them feel fresh and exciting enough to want to watch and follow along as Ray navigates and manages the two sides of his life with varying degrees of success. A lot of that has to do with Ryan’s on-screen presence, which is intense without being overblown and approachable without dulling its edge. The result is a series that’s as watchable when Ray’s having an ice cream with his daughter as it is when he’s putting the hurt on some thugs who're asking for it. 

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The series, which is written by Ryan and directed by Nash Edgerton, has been following FX’s recently renewed Mayans M.C. on Tuesday nights during the course of its run. That has no doubt been a part of the show’s success, as the series has posted impressive ratings, especially for an import that airs after 11pm, and only has Damon Herriman (Justified, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) as a star familiar to most American audiences. As such, Eric Schrier, co-president of original programming for FX Networks, had this to say:

“It’s been fantastic to see Mr, Inbetween embraced by fans and critics.  The exciting, offbeat and fast moving first season is defined by the magnetic performance and creative vision of Scott Ryan and director Nash Edgerton,” said Schrier. “Our thanks to Nash and Scott, our partners at FOXTEL, fellow executive producer Jason Burrows, producer Michele Bennett, and the great cast and crew.  We can’t wait to return to Ray’s world in season two of Mr Inbetween.”

Mr. Inbetween has stood out for its quality in wriitng, acting, and directing, but also as a solid entry in what has otherwise been a relatively ho-hum fall TV season. At this point, it wouldn’t be crazy to think the series will make it to several “best of” lists for the year, joining other surprising newcomers like Counterpart, Killing Eve, and Forever. 

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Mr. Inbetween season 1 finale airs tonight starting @11:30pm on FX.

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