8 Movies That Revolutionized Hollywood's Visual Effects

1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day took big steps in the evolution of CGI via the T-1000. Still, the technology was not seen as a viable solution for filmmakers, due to fears that it would not look as realistic as models. Leave it to Steven Spielberg to prove everyone wrong.

Combining practical effects with computer imagery, Spielberg gave an entire generation of moviegoers the thrill of a lifetime by bringing dinosaurs back to Earth. The photorealistic creatures were extremely believable on screen and a big reason why the film was a hit. Seeing that anything was possible via digital effects, several filmmakers used them after Jurassic Park’s success in order to animate characters and environments in live action films.

Despite 20 years of evolution, the effects from Jurassic Park are still used to judge the blockbusters of today as they hold up remarkably well.

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