8 Movies That Revolutionized Hollywood's Visual Effects

Visual effects technology has become so advanced over the last few decades that it’s easy for movie fans to take everything for granted. It was only 1975 when Steven Spielberg was using a malfunctioning mechanical shark to film Jaws and today directors can use programs to animate photorealistic settings and characters to fulfill their wildest dreams (for better or worse).

It's become common for moviegoers to expect high quality work from big budgeted films - but every once in a while, we are witnesses to a rare film that pushes the current boundaries of filmmaking and revolutionizes the industry.

Gravity is being hailed as the latest groundbreaking film, and its success got us thinking about some of the other “game changers” throughout history.

Naomie Harris in Black and Blue 2019
Black & Blue Cast Impressed With Film's Collaborative Director

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