Top 15 Movies That Showed The Most 'Skin'

No, this is not a list of “adult films,” though admittedly, the words have been used to describe a number of the entries listed below. Instead, these are legitimate movies that just so happen to contain a lot of nudity, and we mean a lot. In fact, only a few movies listed here were able to achieve an R-rating, while the rest either went unrated or were slapped with an ill-fated NC-17.

There are plenty of reasons to put nudity in your movies, whether it be to make the audience feel more vulnerable, to turn up the heat of a love scene, or to ensure that teenage boys everywhere will be flocking to see the latest coming-of-age comedy. After all, everyone knows that “skin sells,” though the movies listed here really push the boundaries of that expression to the limit.

So if you think that more nudity means a more enjoyable movie than you are sadly mistaken. In fact, a number of movies featured here are near impossible to sit through, let alone enjoy. And instead of being aroused by the on-screen skin, you're much more likely to feel bad for what many of these actors put themselves through. 

Here are the Top 15 Movies That Bare The Most 'Skin'.

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15The Wolf of Wall Street

Easily the most recognizable movie on this list, this 2013 Martin Scorsese film found Leonardo DiCaprio and newcomer Margot Robbie letting it all hang out to help tell the real life story of Wall Street stock broker Jordan Belfort.

Though Scorsese is known for packing his movies with graphic scenes of all sorts, The Wolf of Wall Street contains an obscene amount of nude scenes throughout its lengthy three-hour runtime, which is exactly the point.

While it may seem at times like Scorsese is glorifying drug use and promiscuity, what he really aims to do is relentlessly overload the viewer’s sense by explicitly capturing the greedy lifestyle’s of the characters on screen. The debauchery may be titillating at the start of the film, but after watching multiple orgy scenes and a number of drug trips gone wrong, you can’t help but leave the movie theater feeling like you need to take a shower.

14Boogie Nights

Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights - Actors Who Bared it All

While you could understandably be taken by surprise by all the nudity in The Wolf of Wall Street  (the movie is technically a biography after all) you pretty much get what you ask for when you watch Boogie Nights, a movie which chronicles the adult entertainment industry in California throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s.

A young Mark Wahlberg stars as Eddie Adams/Dirk Diggler, a nightclub dishwasher who becomes one of the most successful adult film stars of all time thanks to his unusually large member.

While the film is far from an adult film itself, writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson kept the sex scenes as graphic as he could, cutting a total of forty seconds of nudity to attain an R-rating.

Though there’s plenty of female nudity throughout the film — including a few scenes where Heather Graham and Julianne Moore bare it all — what the audience is really curious to see is if Dirk Diggler is actually as well-endowed as we’re lead to believe. And in the film's final scene, we get a lengthy close up that leaves little left to the imagination.

13Eyes Wide Shut

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut

Though Stanley Kubrick had tackled the topics of sex, lust, and jealousy in a number of his films before, he decided to make it the focal point of his 1999 final film, Eyes Wide Shut.

Then-married couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman star as on-screen couple William and Alice Hardford, whose marriage goes through a rough patch after Alice admits that she once fantasized about having an affair. The majority of the film is spent with Cruise’s character, who wanders from one sexually-charged encounter to the next until he ends up at a cult-like orgy that he clearly wasn’t prepared for.

Though there’s plenty of nudity throughout the film, the lengthy masked ball sequence easily exposes the most skin. In fact, to secure an R-rating in the United States, a number of CGI characters even had to be added to certain shots to obscure the sex scenes that were considered too graphic, though they can still be seen unobstructed in the unrated cut of the film.

12Sleeping Beauty

If Eyes Wide Shut was already too creepy for you to get through than you’ll want to avoid Sleeping Beauty at all costs. While the film takes its name from the 1959 Disney classic, this story is far from a fairy tale, as it follows a young university girl named Lucy who takes a high-paying job pleasing rich men. But instead of simply being a prostitute, Lucy is voluntarily put to sleep so the men can use her body as they wish, barring everything except actual sex.

Though this film was marketed as an erotic drama, there’s hardly anything erotic about watching older men strip down and get in bed with the much younger girl, who spends a large chunk of the movie naked and unconscious. As you can imagine, Sleeping Beauty was met with its fair share of backlash from audiences, though the controversial film has not seemed to hinder actress Emily Browning’s career, who starred in Sucker Punch that same year and has since appeared in The Host, Legend, and American Gods.

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