10 Movies On Netflix So Bad They're Good

Netflix is pretty much the best and worst thing to ever happen to society. We can spend hours on there, and it is pretty much what everyone does after work—comes home and gets stuck in. It can seem as if the streaming choices on there are unlimited.

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People are always looking for the best stuff on there but the truth is, the bad choices are underrated. Netflix has a bunch of movies so utterly terrible that they’re hilariously entertaining to watch, and we’ve rounded up the best ten here. We are not responsible for hours of your life wasted, but you’ll have a good time.

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10 Bad Ass

People actually wondered if Bad Ass was a hoax. That’s how bad it is.

The plot sounds passable. A Vietnam veteran becomes a recognized hero after saving a man from attackers, then has to investigate his best friend’s murder when the police aren’t doing much.

The film is so bad in terms of tone, writing, and plot that a lot of critics were sure this was intended as just plain shock value. If it wasn’t, that’s pretty embarrassing for this movie, which is widely thought of as one of the worst movies on Netflix. Actually, probably one of the worst movies in existence.

But it is entertaining to watch for that alone.

9 Emo The Musical

We all remember the emo phase of high school—if you’re in your twenties anyway, and were around for the days of side fringes with partings halfway down the side of your skull and three-inch thick eyeliner. But did you know a whole movie was made about this phase?

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It started out as a short and then was made into a full movie, and… who knows why they did that. It’s the emos vs. other people at high school and revolves around the stereotype. It is kind of funny, especially if you went through that phase in high school, but no one’s denying the movie is terribly written regardless of some entertainment value.

8 Super Buddies

This was Disney, but it was also direct-to-DVD, which says a lot.

This isn’t just a film about puppies. The cute puppies are definitely the redeeming factor though, and why it’s fun to watch, but in this film the puppies get superpowers. Each of them has a different one and has to protect the world from a shapeshifter from outer space.

It’s about as trippy as it sounds, and who knows what Disney was thinking with this one? But if you want a super bizarre movie to indulge in that won’t add too much value to your life but will keep you entertained, this is the one to go for.

7 A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince Netflix Christmas movies

It’s a pretty cliché romance plot—a reporter goes undercover as a tutor to get the inside scoop on royalty and ends up falling for the prince while trying to keep up her lie. It’d be a feel-good movie if it weren’t really awfully written. It might still make you feel good to laugh at, though.

It’s cheesy as hell, but somehow has a 78% on Rotten Tomatoes. The internet has agreed this movie is so bad it’s good, which is what earned its rating, but if you’re looking for a cheesy romance to watch one night that won’t require too much brainpower, this is highly recommended.

6 So Undercover

Miley Cyrus in So Undercover

Another undercover movie is a Miley Cyrus one. The FBI hires her to go undercover at a sorority to help protect the daughter of a mobster. She goes from private investigator to sorority girl, and well… she wasn’t really a convincing PI in the first place, so it’s quite the transformation.

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Miley Cyrus movies are always a good time in that sort of so-bad-it’s-good vein though, so if you’re a fan of her stuff, this is a good way to cure the boredom. You may come out of this feeling like you wasted an hour or so of your life, but it’ll keep you entertained in the moment.

Which is all you can really ask for from anything on this list.

5 Teeth

Teeth horror movie

If you like horror, this is the one to go for. Teeth is a pretty bizarre movie in that it revolves around a woman with a very unique, uh… feature to her. She becomes a victim of violence and finds out exactly what this feature is, which is not so good for anyone else involved with it.

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There’s really no polite way to describe this movie and it’s probably not for the faint of heart, but it’s so utterly bizarre that it makes for a good watch if you can. It’s another one that’s oddly highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes, with a whole 79% despite it not being an amazingly written movie.

Apparently, the so-bad-it’s-good thing works for some people!

4 Christian Mingle The Movie

It’s a faith-based romantic comedy, which might seem sweet for people who are looking for movies that are involve something dear to them. Unfortunately, this movie won’t do their religion much justice.

It’s a love story revolving around the dating site for Christians, and is another one of those romantic comedies that might leave you feeling good but also wondering what the hell you just watched. The plot is cliché, the writing is pretty bland, but it won’t take too much of your concentration and you might even come out of it with a fuzzy warm feeling in your heart.

3 Aeon Flux

Aeon Flux movie poster

There is one amazing thing about this movie, and that’s Charlize Theron. Otherwise, it’s pretty terrible, but in the most entertaining way possible.

It’s a science fiction spy action movie set way, way in the future. Aeon Flux herself is a rebel assassin who’s trying to kill the chairman of the new government. Post-apocalyptic revolution plots can sometimes be super clever and well done, but this one totally flopped. It isn’t even one of those movies that earned a high rating on Rotten Tomatoes, sitting at 9%.

But it is Theron, so it can’t be all bad.

2 Hisss

Another horror, this movie has humans that can change into snakes and the whole plot pretty much revolves around that. It’s not cleverly done, and it’s about as bad as it sounds, but the sheer terribleness of the movie will have you in tears laughing. That, we promise.

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The main character is trying to cure his brain cancer through this species of shapeshifter, which is… confusing, because the movie never actually explains why this would work or how he hopes to do it. You’ve gotta love the character’s hope though, even though there’s no logical rhyme or reason as to why this would work.

1 The Bad Batch

This movie has Keanu Reeves and Jason Momoa, which is enough to make anyone want to watch. And in truth, these actors are the whole reason that the movie is entertaining. Other than them, it’s pretty terrible.

A woman is ditched in the desert and captured by cannibals, and the premise of the movie kind of goes from there. The writing is really thin, there’s not much explanation to anything and… yeah. It does have its moments, because it can get pretty entertaining, but in general, the writing and visuals are both awful and only Momoa and Reeves are what makes this fun to watch.

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