20Delirious (1991) (2007)

Delirious Twofer

Box Office: $5m to $>1m RT: 42% to 82%

1991: Soap-opera showrunner John Candy, in a power struggle with his co-producers, suffers head trauma which makes him hallucinate that he's a part of his own show and realize he's chasing the wrong woman.

2007: A drifter works his way up from

homelessness to a career in show business by way of assisting a neurotic photographer (Steve Buscemi).

Strangely, both movies... fool the audience with scenes that seem to be real life but are actually television, and have a hapless lead who tries to win the love of a show-business diva and is nearly shot to death with a handgun.

Proof Twofer
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