10 Movies You Didn't Realize Were Made By Disney

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Disney movies are some of the most successful and well-known movies around. Their animated films are often the most popular animated movies that are released, and they now own many other franchises, including Marvel and Star Wars. When you think of Disney, you might think of things like Pixar and the MCU.

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But there are many Disney movies made over the years that you probably didn't realize were made by the studio. Many of these movies are animated ones that go outside the more traditional Disney model. We’ve put together a list of 10 movies you probably didn’t realize were created by Disney.

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The Emperor’s New Groove is a 2D animated film that came out in a more experimental phase for the studio. While many people are aware of classic Disney films like The Little Mermaid and The Lion King as well as Pixar movies, the films in between these two stages are often forgotten and overlooked.

The Emperor’s New Groove was released in 2000, and the animation style might lead you to believe it was made by a different studio such as Dreamworks. However, this hilarious movie about an Emperor who gets turned into a llama and learns a lot along the way is a Disney film.


Rescuers Down Under

The Rescuers was the first movie, in which the titular mice save an orphan from being abducted, and The Rescuers Down Under was its sequel. This movie tells the story of a boy who is living in the Australian outback who needs help rescuing an eagle from a poacher. The Rescuers, two mice from New York City, must help him and keep him safe.

This is another Disney animated movie that doesn’t seem to quite fit with some of the others, but it was made and produced by Disney and was one of the first sequels made by the studio.


The Good Dinosaur Disney Pixar animated movie

The Good Dinosaur is the one Pixar Disney movie that basically no one remembers. Even though it was released in 2015, it seems like barely anyone saw this movie. It’s rarely talked about even though it was made in the height of the Pixar movie craze.

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While the movie is a cute one, audiences just didn’t flock to this story for whatever reason. Even the lure of a cute animated dinosaur didn’t make this movie a hit.


Treasure Planet is another Disney film on this list that was made during a more experimental phase for Disney. It’s another one that doesn’t really look or feel like a Disney movie when you watch it.

Treasure Planet was released in 2002 and is a remake of the original novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. This version is set in space and is a rather fun and adventurous sci-fi story with a lot of heart and an emotional father-son relationship. While many fans enjoyed this movie, it’s one people don’t really associate with Disney.


This is another movie that was released in the same time period as films like Treasure Planet and Emperor’s New Groove, as it came out in 2001. The story follows an adventurer named Milo Thatch who discovers the lost city of Atlantis with a group of other adventurers.

This is a fun and exciting film, but it doesn’t have that typical Disney look, which is why many people don’t realize it was made by the studio.


Funnily enough, both of the dinosaur-focused movies created by Disney aren’t often thought about. This is interesting given that dinosaurs are often a popular topic with both kids and adults.

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This movie is done in a more realistic-looking animation style that was somewhat of a fad for the time when it came out in 2000. The story follows an iguanodon named Aladar who has to find a safe place to live after meteors hit his island.


Home on the Range was released in 2004 and is about a group of three cows who have to prevent their home from being taken away after an eviction notice arrives at their farm. This leads them on an adventure with other farm creatures to capture a cattle hustler and get the reward.

This movie might have been made by Disney but it wasn’t really a standout film in any way, causing it to fade to the background.


Homeward Bound

This is the first movie on the list that isn’t animated. Instead, it’s a remake of the original Homeward Bound that was made in 1963. This film follows the journey of three pets who accidentally get left behind by their owners.

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In an effort to find their owners who are on vacation, the pets go on a journey to San Francisco. This might not be the most iconic Disney movie, but for kids, the journey of these pets, which includes voiceovers, was a fun one.


Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries

Disney also has a wide variety of movies that aren’t animated at all. Most people are aware of this because of films like Pirates of the Caribean and the acquisition of franchises such as Marvel.

The Princess Diaries stars Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews and is based on the book series of the same name. While many people are aware of this film, it’s easy to forget that it was created by Disney. There is also a sequel to this film called The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement.


The Black Cauldron

This is a much older Disney animated film that was released in 1985. The Black Cauldron might have been made during a very classic Disney stage, but it’s often forgotten about.

This is a fantasy story that follows a pig herder who wants to become a knight. After an evil king kidnaps a pig, Taran has to local the black cauldron before the Horned King can summon an army of undead soldiers. This is overall quite a different Disney film than classic princess movies, but it is one that many adults grew up watching.

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