16Ruined: Justice League

Sure, this year's Justice League suffered from a variety of problems, but one of the most glaring is its half-finished CG. If nothing else, superhero tentpoles are expected to have at least mind-blowing visuals, so when Justice League couldn't even manage to check that box off, you know there were problems.


the clearly unfinished design on Cyborg to the completely CG-rendered Steppenwolf who looks like he stepped straight out of a PlayStation 2 game, the visuals in DC's superhero team-up aren't just subpar-- they're downright embarrassing.

However, the biggest issue is Henry Cavill's notorious upper lip, which was distractingly altered to erase a mustache that he probably should have just shaved off.

If Justice League 2 ever come to fruition, let's pray that the filmmakers take a little more time on how their heroes and villains look before rushing out the finished product.

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