15Saved: Furious 7

In 2011, the Fast and Furious franchise was revived from near death with Fast Five, which turned the laborious racing movies into action-packed heist flicks.

The new formula worked, but by 2015 the odds were stacked against Vin Diesel and the rest of the crew with the series' seventh adventure, Furious

7. For a movie that should have been stale, repetitive, and disastrous, Furious 7 is far better than it ever could be, becoming the highest grossing entry in the franchise.

That success should be credited to director James Wan's eye for fantastic visual effects. Wan has cars fly through windows into adjacent skyscrapers, helicopters crashing onto surface streets, and entire buildings crumbling at the feet of Vin Diesel. It's some of the most outlandish CGI imaginable, and audiences loved every second of it.

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