MoviePass Lowers Subscription Prices for Limited Time

MoviePass announces that it is lowering the monthly price for its annual subscribers - albeit, for a limited amount of time only.

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MoviePass has become even cheaper. This morning, the movie theater ticket service announced a new monthly rate.

With over two million subscribers, MoviePass continues to build momentum amongst moviegoers. Currently, the service can reportedly be used at over 91% of American theaters, with a subscription price on par with most streaming platforms at $9.95 per month. Founded in 2011, the mobile app service allows subscribers to see one film per day. This past year, MoviePass has often made headlines for its continuously changing pricing plans. In August 2017, the service announced a $9.95 per month plan before unveiling a $7.95 monthly plan for annual subscribers. For the current ticket-purchasing model, subscribers must reserve seats through a mobile application. In addition, MoviePass cannot be used to book 3D or IMAX screenings. Last January, at the Sundance Film Festival, MoviePass announced the company will soon co-acquire films through MoviePass Ventures.

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Today, MoviePass announced a $6.95 monthly price for annual subscribers. CEO Mitch Lowe stated that “Our vision has always been to make the movie going experience easy and affordable for anyone, anywhere,” and yet another price drop ensures that MoviePass will become even more appealing for both cinephiles and casual moviegoers. For subscribers, the basics remain the same: only one movie per day, which excludes both 3D and IMAX tickets. In addition, the price drop will be offered only for a limited time to new subscribers.

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On Twitter, MoviePass is often a controversial topic of conversation. While the pricing plan appeals to many, reservation issues and lack of prompt customer service responses often leads to negative feedback. In addition, CEO Lowe recently apologized for publicly stating “We watch how you drive from home to the movies. We watch where you go afterwards,” which surprised many who didn’t realize their movements were not only be tracked but being used to manipulate the business model. Because of the public backlash, MoviePass removed the tracking feature. In Lowe’s official statement, he suggested that he mischaracterized his own comments, and that MoviePass never used the tracking feature to begin with. Additionally, he noted the app uses standard location services on an “opt-in basis,” and that users would either have to search for surrounding theaters or attempt to check-in to a specific theater for MoviePass to know their location.

Love them or hate them, MoviePass remains an economically viable option for American moviegoers. Today, new subscribers have the opportunity to cut costs even more.

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