MoviePass Card Deliveries Delayed 2-3 Weeks Due to 'Unprecedented' Traffic

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The latest word for prospective MoviePass plan holders has customers expecting a 2-3 week delivery delay on all new cards. MoviePass began as an American-based subscription movie ticketing service located in New York City in 2011. Following an initial invite-only launch, MoviePass has experimented with various pricing structures based on market size.

As of this August, MoviePass began offering a single-film per day package priced at approximately $10 per month. However, not everyone was comfortabe with how the subscription service works in terms of its business model and economic sustainability. In particular, AMC Theaters banned MoviePass card holders from purchasing tickets at their theaters, and it would appear more trouble is on the way.

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Per an email to members, recent MoviePass subscribers can expect a 2-3 week delay before they receive their card in the mail. Citing an "unprecedented volume of traffic,"the MoviePass team currently expects production on new cards to take a little longer, stating:

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"Though our processing facility has increased production, there is currently a 2-3 week delay in card delivery. We greatly appreciate your patience as we work to process your requests. Please note that your first month of service will not begin until your card arrives or you visit an e-ticketing theater. To meet this demand, our production facility has rapidly increased capacity. We sincerely apologize for the delay."

For now, new card holders can visit any sponsored e-ticket theaters using the MoviePass mobile app to procure seats for any immediate theater screenings. In order to locate participating theaters and find the answers to any further questions, MoviePass plan holders can visit the company's theater map and FAQ hub.

Many moviegoers may still be wondering if MoviePass can succeed without the approval of national chains like AMC, and a 2-3 week delay on new card deliveries isn't likely to make matters any better. Then again, perhaps the $10 per month subscription fee will continue to attract new subscribers despite some movie theaters' reticence to accept the company's competing business model, and MoviePass will quickly become a dominant facet of the contemporary filmmaking industry.

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