Movie Trailers

Hunter Killer (Trailer #1)

In the new trailer for Hunter Killer, submarine captain Gerard Butler is on a mission to rescue the Russian president, and hopefully prevent WWIII.

Slender Man (Trailer #2)

Sony releases a new trailer for Slender Man that dives a bit deeper into the plot and features more freaky imagery from the meme-based horror movie.

Final Score (Trailer #1)

Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista is the only one who can settle the score in the first trailer and poster for Final Score.

Overlord (Trailer #1)

The first Overlord trailer offers a sneak peek at producer J.J. Abrams and director Julius Avery's mysterious WWII horror/thriller film.

Boy Erased (Trailer #1)

Lucas Hedges is sent to a conversion therapy program in the trailer for Joel Edgerton's movie adaptation of Garrard Conley's memoir, Boy Erased.

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