Movie Trailers

Check out the first three minutes of Alexandre Aja's new film, Mirrors (if you have a strong stomach)

The incredible first full length Watchmen trailer is online!

Here's the first look at McG's Terminator: Salvation

The first full trailer for The Spirit focuses more on sultry women than the title character

Check out the first trailer for Max Payne, starring Mark Wahlberg

Here's the first trailer for the "green" version of The Day the Earth Stood Still. Watch it and sound off!

Thomas Jane brings us the first trailer for the sci-fi flick The Mutant Chronicles

Check out the restricted trailer for the upcoming horror movie: Mirrors.

Here's your first peek at the next James Bond movie: Quantum of Solace

Check out the gorgeous new trailer for Hellboy II: The Golden Army!

Check out the new trailer for Dreamworks' Eagle Eye starring Shia LeBeouf

Check out the final trailer for the most excellent Wall-E!

Check out non-spoilerish peek at Two Face from The Dark Knight

We've got the first trailer to Death Race starring Jason Statham

Check out the awesome first trailer for the new Punisher movie!

Check out the latest 'Wanted' trailer, plus why the movie doesn't follow the book exactly

Think 'Wanted' is a PG-13 popcorn flick? Think again...

The Incredible Hulk is looking better and better...

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