The 10 Worst Trailers Of 2017

5. The Mummy

Alex Kurtzman's The Mummy reboot was meant to launch Universal's Dark Universe, but it seems the studio's newly-formed shared universe may be dead on arrival. And one thing's for sure, The Mummy's marketing certainly didn't help. The movie's first teaser became a joke for the faulty sound edited version, but it only got worst; this second trailer contained conflicting tones that bordered on action, with mild horror elements spread throughout, and music that didn't fit with the overall direction the universe is supposed to be going in.

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4. Geostorm

Disaster movies can usually attract hordes of people who want to see the spectacle of the world coming undone. But not every silver screen apocalypse is successful... or good. Dean Devlin's Geostorm is one of those misfires, and its quality is painfully obvious upon watching any of the movie's trailers. The question is, should the trailer be faulted for the movie - its source material - being fundamentally bad itself? After all, just take a look at Geostorm's most brutal reviews.

3. CHiPs

Remakes and reboots may be the name of the game these days, but audiences shouldn't overlook the recent trend in movie adaptations of notable TV shows, such as the aforementioned Baywatch as well as CHiPs, directed by and co-starring Parenthood's Dax Shepard. The buddy comedy also starred Michael Pena, Rosa Salazar, and more. While critics lamented the movie, the trailer wasn't much better.

The marketing's biggest blunder is most likely the numerous crotch-related jokes it forced upon audiences/ Sure, they may generate a chuckle here or there in the movie, but it's not the best way to convince audiences to spend top-dollar to see it in theaters.

2. The Dark Tower

Nikolaj Arcel's The Dark Tower, starring Idris Elba as Roland Deschain and Matthew McConaughey as the Man in Black, was a disaster for Sony Pictures, both critically and commercially. To start off, the studio didn't release the first trailer until just a few months prior to the film hitting theaters. And when the trailer finally did release, it did little to capture audiences' attention and elevate excitement for the long-awaited adaptation. Instead, viewers were left disinterested. The trailer failed to present the expansive world that Stephen King's novel is known for having.

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1. The Emoji Movie

Emojis have certainly taken hold of modern text-based communications, but that's not a reason to go ahead and make a blockbuster-sized movie out of it. Still, there was surely a way to do it right. That clearly wasn't going to happen with The Emoji Movie after the official trailer in May. It checked off all the marks for an animated film, but it did so without any amusement. As it turns out, the trailer (and the movie, for the most part) has more in common with the name of its titular character, Meh, than anything else.

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