Movie Theater Owners Want To Jam Cell Phones

At the ShoWest conference in Las Vegas, John Fithian (president of the National Association of Theater Owners) stated that they will be trying a number of approaches to getting people to stop talking on their cell phones during movies. He stated that they have not ruled out petitioning the FCC to allow movie theaters to block cell phone signals.

Personally, I'm all for it. I'm amazed and astounded not only at the fact that some people won't turn off their phones during a movie, but that if it rings they actually take the call!

If public service announcements before a movie or even funny little anti-cell-phone-during-movie commercials beforehand won't do it, then I say block away. Some people are too bloody dense and/or rude to have it left up to them to be considerate.

Of course blocking signals won't be easy considering that at least in the U.S. Federal law and the FCC prohibit the use of cell phone jammers. Still, I hope they find a loophole.

All that will be left after that is figuring out how to get people to shut the heck up during movies and also not bring 7 year olds to R-rated films.

Source: Yahoo News

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