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Halle Berry in Extant

One advantage movies have over TV is that two hours of running time gives people less time to screw things up than a season or two of weekly shows. Case in point, Halle Berry’s 2014 - 2015 CBS series Extant, about an astronaut who gets pregnant during a year-long solo


The show's first season was well reviewed, but didn't generate high enough ratings for the network. CBS decided a shakeup was called for. A new show runner came on board. Season 2 dropped four of the seven leads along with most of the season 1 subplots. The tone became more action, less sci-fi as Berry's Molly went on the run from the bad guys.

Instead of a ratings boost, the ratings plummeted and CBS nixed any chance of a third season. The network announced plans for another show with Berry, but it's yet to materialize.

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