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The Village movie twist

M. Night Shyamalan's 2004 mystery centers around a quiet isolated town in Pennsylvania. The residents of the village keep to themselves, and never leave the community for fear of mysterious creatures that occupy the surrounding woods. The outside force is so unnerving, that no villager dare leave the town border

lines, that is until Lucius Hunt (Joaquin Phoenix) gets himself wounded. Out of options, his lover Ivy (who is blind) journeys out into the woods in search for help. Unknowingly, Ivy stumbles onto the modern world, revealing to the audience that the tale told of olde has actually occurred in modern day.

Shyamalan has become a filmmaker known for incorporating twist endings into his movies, some of them stronger than others, with The Village being somewhat easy to predict. For starters, the fact that the opening credits depict a town in Pennsylvania, but does not show what year, is a dead indicator that it’s probably not in the period it suggests. The mere fact that this is a Shyamalan movie alone proposes that the “creatures” aren’t what they appear to be. The Village is unfortunately a twist that is not only predictable, but one that has very little payoff.

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