14Marley & Me: The Puppy Years (2011)

Marley and Me 2

Based on writer John Grogan's autobiographical tale of life with his badly behaved dog, Marley & Me came out in 2008 and starred Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. It set a (since surpassed) Christmas box office record, grossing $14.75 million on its first day of release alone, eventually

notching an impressive $242 million worldwide haul.

It should be no surprise that a follow-up film exists to cash-in on such success. The Puppy Years is a prequel that...get ready for it...features a talking Marley. Instead of a reflection on human life via the years spent with a dog like the first, it's basically every kids' movie ever. It's got wacky shenanigans and quirk coming out of its fuzzy little ears. As with most low-effort films, the plot revolves around a contest. Will the young Bodi Grogan be able to get Marley to behave to win the dog championship? Why is the dog suddenly talking? Will you care? Almost certainly not.

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