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Freaked Review

Probably the wierdest movie you've never heard of, a bizarre combination of Monty Python, Mad Magazine, Freaks and Airplane!.

Fantastic Four 2005

Fantastic Four Review

You'll forget about this terribly miscast movie (that is *almost* made bearable by Michael Chiklis and Chris Evans) as soon as you leave the theater.

War of the Worlds Review

The visual effects are impressive and the crew does a technically competent job. The heart and warmth we've come to expect from Spielberg is missing.

Constantine Review

Very forgettable, but fun while it lasts. Unfortunately, a hole-riddled story squanders a thought provoking theme.

Robert DeNiro in Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek Review

A disappointing mess. The script and direction are sub-par, and you could open a fish market with all the red herrings in the story.

Stephen Chow in Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle Review

A hyperkinetic, Looney Toons inspired combination of kung fu, comedy and action that will leave you alternately awestruck and laughing out loud.

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