Remakes & Reboots: Upcoming Movies You've Seen Before

Release Date: August 3, 2012

Director: Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard)Cast: Colin Farrell, Bryan Cranston, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bill Nighy, Bokeem Woodbine

Category: Reinterpretation of the Philip K. Dick short story / remake of the 1990 film.

Our take: More than most films on this list, the new Total Recall has carried the dirty label of being an unnecessary "remake" - but this is in fact not (entirely) the case. The 1990 Total Recall film by Robocop director Paul Verhoeven was a very loose adaptation of the trippy sci-fi story "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale" by legendary sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick, dumbed down  converted into an Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick.

This new Total Recall will supposedly stick closer to the reality-bending elements of Dick's original story - though there will be plenty of action (and likely a certain iconic three-breasted woman) thrown into the mix as well. If we had to call it at this stage, we'd say this film will be equal parts remake and reinterpretation. Whether it will be good or not is anyone's guess...

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