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Godzilla Reboot

Release Date: 2014

Director: Gareth EdwardsCast: TBD

Category: Reboot of the Godzilla movie franchise.

Our take: The last time that Hollywood tried to reboot the Godzilla franchise, Matthew Broderick played hide-and-seek across Manhattan with a giant lizard. Needless to say, movie fans haven't been eager to open that door again.

This latest attempt to relaunch Godzilla in a movie franchise rests on the shoulders of director Gareth Edwards, who proved himself a creative sci-fi talent with his 2010 indie flick, Monsters. With a script being written by both David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight) and up-and-comer Max Borenstein (The Seventh Son), there's reason enough to be optimistic that this new group of filmmakers will get right what the previous group got so very wrong.

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