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Oldboy Remake

Release Date: 2013

Director: Spike Lee (Inside Man)Cast: Josh Brolin, Sharlto Copley, Elizabeth Olsen

Category: Re-interpretation of the Oldboy comic book / remake of Korean film.

Our take: Fans of Korean director Chan-wook Park's 2003 adaptation of the Oldboy comic book have mistakenly labeled this new Hollywood version as a "remake" - though in truth, the new film will borrow elements of both the source comic and Park's film, mixing them together with an American setting and some new ideas and themes. Of course, that hasn't stopped fan outrage over the fact that this new Oldboy exists and that Lee is directing it.

But if the cast ends up being as distinguished as it's looking at the moment, Oldboy (U.S.) could ultimately be an interesting new take on the story.

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