Movie Poster Roundup: Paul, Thor, Hobo with a Shotgun, and More

Tuesday's Poster Post Header with Paul, The Dark Knight Rises and Thor

Everybody loves to look at movie posters (or one-sheets as they are sometimes called in the movie industry) and a well-crafted poster can make or break the buzz for an upcoming film.

Sometimes the poster predominantly features one character from the film or perhaps it depicts the story or plot in an artsy and unique way. Regardless of which direction the marketing department for a film chooses, a poster should either be intriguing, sexy, funny or cool – and it can't hurt to combine all four.

Today we have wide selection of movie posters from a very diverse selection of films - excellent fan-made art for movies yet to begin filming, horror films with a sexy twist, summer blockbusters, and even a campy SyFy Channel film. No matter what your taste in movie posters may be, we are sure to have something for every movie buff to enjoy. Let's start off with some fantastic fan-made art.

The Dark Knight Rises

Undoubtedly director Christopher Nolan's third installment of his hugely successful Batman trilogy will be one of the most anticipated films of 2012. Casting for The Dark Knight Rises is still underway so there hasn't been an official poster released yet - but that hasn't deterred some very talented and creative fans from making their own. Graphic designer Josh Gilbert put together the teaser poster below. Be sure to check out the rest of his work at Shokxone Studios.

Fan made The Dark Knight Rises poster

Click HERE for a Hi-Res version

Source: Shokxone Studios via Film School Rejects


TRON: Legacy

Even though TRON:Legacy made it onto our Most Disappointing Films of 2010 the film still had some redeeming qualities. While the story won't win any awards, the SFX were amazing - as was Daft Punk's blazing electronic score. Graphic designer Josh Gilbert (yes, the same guy from above) seems to agree with us - since he made the fake Oscar-bid poster below, nominating Daft Punk for Best Original Score. Somebody needs to hire this guy because his work is creative and fun to look at.

Fan Made TRON: Legacy/ Daft Punk Oscar bid poster

Click HERE for a Hi-Res version

Source: Shokxone Studios via Film School Rejects


Hobo with a Shotgun

There isn't a whole lot to say about Jason Eisner's upcoming Grindhouse spin-off Hobo with a Shotgun starring Rutger Hauer. It's a movie about a hobo – with shotgun – shooting people – and some guy dressed as a knight riding a motorcycle makes an appearance. The red band trailer and all of the images we've seen make the film look like off-the-wall campy fun - and hopefully it will deliver.

Hobo with a Shotgun Grindhouse style poster

Click Here for a Hi-Res version

Source: IGN



It’s too bad this special limited edition poster was only given to the cast and crew of the movie Thor because its minimalist art deco style is very cool - and would look good hanging on the wall of any film buff. At first director Kenneth Branagh seemed to be an odd choice to helm the project but after watching the first trailer a lot of those fanboy “fears” seemed to have been quelled. Thor stars Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman and Ray Stevenson.

Special Thor poster starring Chris Hemsworth

Source: Sci Fi Wire

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