New Posters For 'Hereafter' and 'Brave'

A poster has been released for 'Hereafter,' the supernatural drama from Clint Eastwood. Meanwhile, Disney has unveiled the official logo for Pixar's 2012 release, 'Brave.'

A poster for next month's supernatural drama, Hereafter, has been released, while Disney/Pixar have unveiled the official logo for their Summer 2012 release, Brave.

Hereafter is the 35th film directed by Clint Eastwood and reunites the acclaimed filmmaker with his Invictus star, Matt Damon.  Damon plays a psychic named George, a man who can actually communicate with those who have died.  The official trailer for Hereafter portrayed the film as a thriller of sorts - one that touches on real-life global disasters such as the Indian Ocean tsunami from 2004.

Eastwood's film was recently screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and received an overall mixed reception.  I personally was left feeling a bit let down after watching the trailer and am not sure whether Eastwood's typical slow-but-methodical directing style will work or be at odds with the thriller aspects of the film.

U.S. moviegoers may be more receptive to Hereafter, which at this point does not look to be much of a contender during the 2010 awards season.  Eastwood's latest may follow a course similar to that of his 2008 release, Changeling, which did only minor business at the box office.

Check out the stylish (if kind of hokey) poster for Hereafter below:

Movie poster for Clint Eastwood film Hereafter


Pixar's Brave (formerly The Bear & the Bow) is not due out in theaters until 2012, but that has not stopped Disney/Pixar from releasing an official logo for the film, which will be the computer-animation studio's first release to feature a female character in the lead.

That leading gal is Merida (voice of Reese Witherspoon), a young "daughter of royalty" who yearns to prove herself as a master archer.  She chooses to defy her backwards-thinking father and mother to do just that - and ends up having to do battle against an ancient curse in order to restore order.

Check out the official Brave logo below:

Pixar and Disney movie Brave formerly The Bear and the Bow

Brave will be the first Pixar feature that takes place before the 20th century and should contain some impressive CG visuals of an ancient world setting.  The studio has yet to release a flat-out terrible film and - judging by the premise - Brave seems an unlikely candidate to break that winning streak.

Hereafter arrives in theaters in the U.S. on October 22nd, 2010.

Brave is tentatively scheduled to hit theaters on June 15th, 2012.

Source: Warner Bros. & Walt Disney Pictures (via Facebook)

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