Poster Roundup: Tron Legacy, Let Me In, And More

Tron Legacy, Let Me In, Legend of the Guardians, and The Next Three Days posters

Several new movie one-sheets from around the globe have emerged online, including a Japanese poster for Tron Legacy; the French poster for Let Me In; a Russian banner for Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole; and the U.S. poster for the thriller The Next Three Days.

The first item now available for viewing is a "Chirashi poster," or essentially a Japanese flyer for this winter's tenpole pic, Tron Legacy.  Disney is hoping for a nice box office turnout around the world when it unleashes the 3D behemoth in theaters during the 2010 holiday season so don't expect this to be the last international poster to pop up over the next few months.

Here is the official Tron Legacy synopsis:

Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), a rebellious 27-year-old, is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his father Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), a man once known as the world’s leading video-game developer. When Sam investigates a strange signal sent from the old Flynn’s Arcade—a signal that could only come from his father—he finds himself pulled into a digital world where Kevin has been trapped for 20 years. With the help of the fearless warrior Quorra (Olivia Wilde), father and son embark on a life-or-death journey across a visually-stunning cyber universe—a universe created by Kevin himself that has become far more advanced with never-before-imagined vehicles, weapons, landscapes and a ruthless villain who will stop at nothing to prevent their escape.

Check out the Japanese one-sheet below:

Tron Legacy movie poster

As a bonus, we also have the new Hungarian Tron Legacy poster to share, courtesy of Kinopoisk. The poster features Beau Garrett as "Jem" one of four programs known as Sirens, who operate the Grid Game armory in the Tron game world:

tron legacy movie poster beau garrett


Let Me In

Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) will unleash his American take on an acclaimed Swedish vampire story, Let Me In on moviegoers at the beginning of this October.  Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass) stars in the film as a creature who - upon first glance - is a young girl, but is in reality a blood-thirsty creature of the night.

Early word on Let Me In has been positive and the most recent trailer paints it as a chillingly moody tale in the vein of its Swedish cinematic counterpart, Let the Right One In. Hopefully, Let Me In will prove to be a memorable horror flick in its own right.

Have a look at the French poster for Let Me In below:

Let Me In movie poster


Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

Legend of the Guardians arrives in 2D and 3D theaters in just over three weeks and is an animated fantasy flick that (based off the new Russian poster) could be described as Lord of the Rings with Owls - minus the WWII allegories, that is. ;-)

Zack Snyder directed the film, which looks to be an impressive visual fest - whether the characters and storyline will be equally compelling is the issue.

Check out the Russian banner below:

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole Russian movie poster


The Next Three Days

Since Paul Haggis' Crash won the Best Picture Oscar back at the 2006 Academy Awards ceremony, the writer/director has worked on the scripts for a handful of films - including the last two James Bond flicks - but was only at the helm of one feature, the little-seen Iraq war drama In the Valley of Elah.

Haggis is back in the director's chair for The Next Three Days, a remake of the 2007 French dramatic thriller Pour Elle (Anything For Her).  The film revolves around a husband (Russell Crowe) whose wife (Elizabeth Banks) is wrongly accused of murdering her boss and is sentenced to twenty-years prison time.  Crowe's character then seeks the aid of an older man (Liam Neeson) - who himself escaped from jail several years before - to help break his wife out of prison.

The trailer for the film promises much in the way of intense action, which is certainly a change of pace from Haggis' previous directorial efforts. Hopefully, The Next Three Days will prove itself to be an emotionally-churning thrill ride when it arrive in theaters.

Check out the U.S. poster below:

The Next Three Days movie poster Paul Haggis Russell Crowe


Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole arrives in regular, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters in the U.S. on September 24th, 2010.

Let Me In hits regular theaters in the U.S. on October 1st, 2010.

The Next Three Days arrives in theaters in the U.S. on November 19th, 2010.

Tron Legacy will be unleashed on 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D screens on December 17th, 2010.

Source: Lionsgate, Kinopoisk

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