Movie Poster Roundup: 'Cowboys & Aliens', 'Black Swan', And More

Red State Arthur Christmas movie poster

Just about every conceivable cinematic genre is accounted for by the films in this week's poster roundup, which includes new one-sheets for Cowboys & Aliens, Black Swan, The Beaver, Red State, and Arthur Christmas.

Only one of these pics will be showing at your local theater during the 2010 holiday season, but there's plenty of reason to be excited for, intrigued by, or cautious about every one of these films. Let's get to it then, shall we?

Cowboys & Aliens

We've been psyched to see Jon Favreau's latest comic book adaptation for a while now, but it was the Cowboys & Aliens teaser trailer that really got our blood pumping. The film won't arrive until next summer, but there's plenty of material that'll help satiate your desire to watch James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) duke it out old Western style with extraterrestrials bent on world domination. If you haven't check out our trailer breakdown, set visit report, and breakdown of the alien design, motives, and technology in the genre mashup.

A new poster for Cowboys & Aliens has been released and it once again features Craig as the amnesiac Jake Lonergan - albeit this time as a (literally) shady figure with a mysterious identity, a six-shooter, and a glowing piece of handy alien-crafted tech on his wrist to boot.

Check out the new Cowboys & Aliens one-sheet (courtesy of Empire) below:

Daniel Craig in new Cowboys and Aliens movie poster

Cowboys and Aliens arrives in theaters on July 29th, 2011.


Black Swan

Director Darren Aronofsky's pscycho-drama/horror pic did exceptionally well in its limited U.S. release this past weekend and will expand to several more theaters over the upcoming weeks, which will allow moviegoers in less densely populated regions to see it on the big screen as well.

Critical reaction to Black Swan has been overall very strong, and in his Black Swan review our Kofi Outlaw described it as a technical masterpiece that boasts some impressive performances but suffers from thematic issues related to story and style.

The personal price that professionals must pay as they strive for artistic perfection is very much examined in the film, as its protagonist (played by Natalie Portman) struggles to maintain the facade of being a whole, stable person - and the cracks literally show in this new international Black Swan poster.

Have a look at the new Black Swan one-sheet (credit to Glamour Magazine) below:

Black Swan Natalie Portman international movie poster

Black Swan will expand to a wide theatrical release in the U.S. on December 17th.


The Beaver

Mel Gibson won't be in the running for a Best Actor Oscar nod this year, but his acting career could be jolted back to life by his turn in Jodie Foster's The Beaver, which will finally make its way into theaters by spring of next year.

A trailer for The Beaver was at last unveiled this past week and it offered a short preview of the dramedy, which stars Gibson as a depressed and recently-divorced toy executive whose fortune begins to change when he happens upon a beaver puppet and begins carrying around/talking to others through the furry animal toy 24/7.

Moviegoers who struggle to see Gibson and not immediately recall his drunken, anti-semitic rants or obscenity-laced phone calls might have an easier time by watching him literally play a sad sack of a man attempting to fix his life in The Beaver. On the other hand, the parallels to Gibson's personal life might be too much for the masses. We'll have to wait and see for now.

Check out the first poster for The Beaver (via Apple):

The Beaver movie Mel Gibson

The Beaver will hits theaters in Spring 2011. We'll let you know when an official date has been set.

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