Today’s movie poster roundup features women dressed to kill (in more ways than one), not-so-friendly looking kids, masked maniacs, and a pack of cuddly animals sailing across an ocean of honey. It’s going to be one of those days, isn’t it?

The collection is composed of some nifty, old-fashioned banners for Sucker Punch, along with the latest official one-sheets for the films Insidious, Super, and Winnie the Pooh.

Zack Snyder’s action-packed visual extravaganza, Sucker Punch hits theaters in about four weeks time and it remains one of the most anticipated releases for 2011. The latest theatrical preview and TV spots for the movie have been virtually wordless (literally, with the trailer); instead, allowing the awe-inspiring footage of five gorgeous women battling legions of samurai, serpents, and soldiers in an imagined but fantastical realm to speak for itself.

The 1950s, Cold War era setting of Sucker Punch was the inspiration for these vintage-style character posters, which feature the film’s leading ladies – Baby Doll (Emily Browning), Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens), Amber (Jamie Chung), Rocket (Jena Malone), and Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish) – each with their own risque tagline to boot.

Scantily clad in a mix of fishnet, stockings, and black leather armor, each of these gals is packed with some serious firepower, deadly katana blades, and their own respective attitude. Sucker Punch is clearly loaded with eye candy for the fanboys (and girls) – hopefully, it’s head won’t be too hollow, though.

Check out the retro Sucker Punch posters (via Kino) in the gallery below:


Six sequels later, it’s difficult to remember that writer/director James Wan’s original Saw film was a legitimate horrorfest that was more interested in unnerving moviegoers than merely grossing them out with buckets of gore. Wan is at the helm of the upcoming supernatural thriller Insidious and once again aims to leave viewers freaked out (not merely disgusted) by what they see.

The full trailer for Insidious featured a fair number of horror clichés (ex. creepy events happening at a family’s new home, a possibly possessed child, ghouls leaping out at the camera), but it was rather effective, demonstrating just why these elements keep popping up over and over.

Insidious also features a solid cast that includes the likes of Rose Byrne (X-Men: First Class), Patrick Wilson (Watchmen), and Barbara Hershey (Black Swan), and will hopefully be a memorable addition to the genre – instead of another forgettable story about spooks and things going bump in the night.

Check out the latest Insidious poster (via Yahoo! Movies) below:

Insidious poster Movie Poster Roundup: Sucker Punch, Insidious, Super, & More


Whether you think of 2011 as more The Year of the Alien or The Year of Major Comic Book Movies, more than our fair share of costumed superheroes will grace the silver screen over the next ten months. One of the lesser known upcoming flicks about crime-fighters running wild in the streets is IFC’s Super, with Rainn Wilson (The Office), Ellen Page (Inception), Liv Tyler (Lord of the Rings trilogy), and Kevin Bacon (another X-Men: First Class star).

Here’s an official plot synopsis for Super:

Frank (Wilson) is an average guy who transforms himself into superhero The Crimson Bolt after his wife Sarah (Tyler) hooks up with a smooth-talking drug dealer, Jacques (Bacon). What Frank lacks in superpowers, he makes up for with a trusty wrench in his one-man war on crime. But every superhero needs a sidekick. Enter Libby (Page), a cute psychopath working at the local comic book store.

Transforming into “Boltie”, Libby teams up with Frank to take Jacques down. From the surprising imagination of writer-director James Gunn (‘Slither’) comes Bolt and Boltie, a crazed crime fighting duo for the XBox generation. They’re here to save the day, or at least to beat you up.

Super arrives in theaters just two weeks short of a year after Kick-Ass, and aims to be a similarly darkly comical and warped take on the masked vigilante story. Whether the film’s wicked sense of humor (get a taste of that by watching this red band clip) will comes off as delightfully subversive or just mean-spirited remains to be seen, but it could potentially make for a fun afternoon at the cinema.

Check out the Super poster (via Collider – apologies for the messy quality) below:

Super movie poster Movie Poster Roundup: Sucker Punch, Insidious, Super, & More

Winnie the Pooh

It’s been a while since the charming bear of very little brain himself, Winnie the Pooh, showed up on the big screen. That’ll change this summer as Disney is releasing a brand new feature with the famous honey-loving fellow and the other citizens (bouncy Tigger, melancholy Eeyore, flustered Rabbit, etc.) of the Hundred Acre Wood.

The official Winnie the Pooh trailer featured some lovely bits of old-fashioned, hand-drawn animation and the film itself is based off three stories from A.A. Milne’s original books. Despite the movie’s release date, hitting theaters the same weekend as the final entry in the Harry Potter franchise, it shouldn’t struggle to draw in families with young ones who are not quite ready to watch the violent finale in the titular boy wizard saga.

Check out the new Winnie the Pooh poster (via Disney Dreaming) below:

Winnie the Pooh movie poster Movie Poster Roundup: Sucker Punch, Insidious, Super, & More

Sucker Punch hits regular and IMAX screens next month on March 25th.

Insidious and Super both arrive in theaters a week later on April 1st.

Winnie the Pooh will be released this summer on July 15th.

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