10 Hidden Movie Scenes You've Never Seen

These days, movie fans know that the credits rolling doesn’t always mean the movie is truly over. Even before Marvel Studios was using scenes during and after the credits to tease their upcoming films, studios and directors were relying on small scenes to bookend their entire story, or just offer audiences another laugh. But some of the best after-credits scenes hit theaters long before audiences knew to find them.

Here is our list of 10 Post-Credits Movie Scenes You Probably Missed.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Movie Post Credits Scenes Pirates Caribbean

Disney's swashbuckling series used post-credits scenes for small gags, including a ghostly Monkey and a worshipped dog. But for the third Pirates movie, series star Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) made a serious sacrifice, choosing to take over as captain of Davy Jones’ ship - which meant setting foot on land just once every decade. Will still got to marry the love of his life, Elizabeth (Keira Knightley), but it was the post-credits scene that delivered the real happy ending.

With the pair's son now ten years old, he and Elizabeth watch as Will's ship returns in a flash of green light, with the wayward sailor set to meet his son for the first time - teasing an obvious adventure starring the Turner family, if Disney ever decides to tell it.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Movie Post Credits Scenes Harry Potter Lockhart

He may not be what comes to mind when you picture a magical con man, but the magical celebrity Gilderoy Lockhart (Kenneth Branagh) lied, exaggerated, and charmed his way into Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. But his swagger cost him his memory when a spell backfired and wiped his mind. A post-credits scene proved his talent for fame wasn't affected, already out promoting his new biography, "Who Am I?"

The Grey

Movie Post Credits Scenes The Grey Wolf

The story of a plane load of oil workers forced to survive in an Alaskan winter wasn't a happy one - as one by one, the men are picked off by a pack of grey wolves. Pitting man against beast in a losing fight, The Grey ended with Star Liam Neeson strapping broken glass to his hands and taking on the pack's alpha, but cutting to black before audiences could know who came out on top. The ending fit the movie's theme of endless struggle between man and nature, but director Joe Carnahan offered one more hint.

A post-credits scene shows both the wolf and man wounded and wheezing, and even if fans can't really tell who won the fight, it's an even more powerful image to drive home the movie's message of the fight being what matters, not the victor.

The A-Team

Movie Post Credits Scene A-Team Cameos

The big screen reboot of the classic TV series The A-Team wasn't the hit that the studio hoped for, but that didn't mean members of the original cast had any hard feelings. Although their cameo appearances were cut from the film, the scenes were spliced back into the movie's end credits. Fans of the TV series can watch as actor Dirk Benedict, the original "Face" gives some advice to Bradley Cooper, and a white coat-wearing Dwight Schultz finds out just how much crazier the new version of "Howling Mad" Murdock is compared to his original performance.


Movie Post Credits Scene Zombieland Bill Murray

There’s no question that the surprise cameo from Bill Murray in Zombieland is among the greatest in recent memory, appearing as himself, just trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse. The actor winds up being killed by the stars of the movie, followed by a memorable final scene. But following the film’s credits, audiences got an added bonus that didn’t make the cut of the movie. Rather than using his last breaths for a deadpan gag, the scene shows Murray reciting one of his best-known lines from the classic golf comedy, Caddyshack.


Movie Post Credits Scene Hancock

Will Smith was anything but your typical superhero in this action/dramedy, but by the end of the movie, Hancock had accepted the role of a superpowered do-gooder. Of course, he still had a bit of an edge. Those who stayed through the credits got to see that for themselves, when an armed hostage taker decided to disrespect the movie’s star. It was a fitting joke to end the movie on, but comic book fans will appreciate that the criticized black leather suits of the X-Men movies made its way into another superhero story.

Lethal Weapon 3

Movie Post Credits Scenes Lethal Weapon 3 Explosion

Post credits scenes are usually used to tease a sequel these days, but they can also be used for one last gag. But no end credits joke is more staggering than Lethal Weapon 3. The movie opens with stars Riggs and Murtaugh (Mel Gibson and Danny Glover) trying -and failing - to defuse a bomb. The studio had actually paid for the demolition cost of the building so that the destruction would be even more convincing in the movie.

So when director Richard Donner found out the Soreno Hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida nearby was going to be demolished, he had to take advantage. The post-credits scene put the partners in harm’s way one last time, even though that explosion wasn’t technically their fault.


Movie Post Credits Scenes Baseketball

This sports comedy from the minds behind South Park has become a cult hit since its release, but it boasted some truly impressive talent. Outside of the main cast, famous sports commentators Bob Costas and Al Michaels showed a sense of humor, appearing as the go-to play-by-play men for BASEketball's strange baseball/basketball hybrid league.

But those who sat through to the end credits were treated to even more of the pair’s camaraderie, with a post-credits scene that shows the two broadcasters working their way to a passionate kiss, before playing coy to the camera.

Green Lantern

Movie Post Credits Scenes Green Lantern Sinestro

Post-credits scenes don’t always make a movie better. Since DC’s first Green Lantern movie was less than a hit with fans and critics, most viewers left the theater as quickly as they could. But to make things worse, the post-credits scene wasn’t meant to deliver a joke, or even a bit more action. After Hal Jordan managed to wipe out the movie’s villain Parallax, the bonus scene showed his mentor, Sinestro (Mark Strong) slipping on a yellow ring to master the power of fear.

In the comics, it was this exact action that created Hal’s greatest enemy, and the perfect villain for a Green Lantern movie - meaning fans were enraged. Choosing a silly, big-brained bad guy because you don’t know any better is one thing. But when this scene showed the filmmakers knew Sinestro was the real threat to bring to the bis screen, and were just saving him for a sequel, fans took it as the final straw.

Super Mario Bros.

Movie Post Credits Scenes Super Mario Bros

It might be famously known as the worst video game movie ever, but the makers of the Super Mario Bros. movie definitely had an imagination. Fans of the video game were disappointed to realize that the movie had almost nothing in common with the actual games, but according to the movie’s fiction, Nintendo is to blame for the differences. In a post-credits scene, two Japanese men are shown talking to the movie’s comedic relief – Iggy and Spike – about developing a video game based on their adventures. Every child of the 1980s saw the movie, but few may realize that the games are based on the movie… according to the writers, anyway.


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