10 Big Movie Plot Holes & Paradoxes

Optimus Finds Another Gear. And Another. And Another...

There aren't many rules when it comes to a Transformers movie, but Autobot leader Optimus Prime revealing his heroism in a climactic battle is an absolute must. It seems to always fall on Optimus to save the day: digging deep, summoning courage, and becoming laughably overpowered - revealing new weapons, abilities, and combat skills that he has inexplicably chosen NOT to use up to that point.

Suddenly becoming an invincible soldier is silly enough, but Optimus has been upgraded with new tech in multiple films, only to throw it away instead of using it to help save his comrades' lives in the next movie. Transformers: Age of Extinction blew this inconsistency wide open when after a devastating fight across the globe, Optimus suddenly reveals that he's been able to fly the entire time! Maybe he just has a terrible memory… but terrible writing seems more likely.


X-Men: Deleted Scenes of Future Past

X Men Days of Future Past Rogue

In the post-apocalyptic future of X-Men: Days of Future Past, mutants are hunted to near-extinction by an army of Sentinels – robots able to absorb and share the superpowers of the mutants they encounter. In the film, the captured mutant Mystique is offered as an explanation, with her shape-shifting ability researched and incorporated into the Sentinels, allowing them to mimic other mutants.

The only problem is that Mystique's copycat powers are only cosmetic - she can look like Wolverine, but can't reproduce his healing factor or his indestructible claws. The real explanation can be found only in deleted scenes, revealing that Rogue (a mutant able to steal other mutants' powers) had also been captured, and her ability copied. But the finished film never addressed the plot hole, leaving Mystique to supply powers to the Sentinels that she never possessed.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse Lifted?

Movie Plot Holes Pirates of the Caribbean Curse

Few can forget the adventure of Will Turner and Jack Sparrow in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, facing off against undead pirates doomed to walk the Earth for scattering a chest full of cursed gold coins. Having finally returned every gold piece, a drop of Will's blood was all that was needed to return their mortality. Since the pirates couldn't be killed, it seemed strange for Jack to fire a useless bullet into the film's villain, Barbosa – until Will reveals that his blood had lifted the curse, cuing the trickle of blood from the pirate's fatal wound.

The problem is that the gold had clearly not been returned when Barbosa was shot, meaning only wounds sustained after the coin was dropped should have any effect. Jack had been run through with a sword minutes earlier, so viewers are expected to believe that the bullet was "close enough" - creating an unnecessary plot hole instead.


Star Trek's Spock Complex

Movie Paradoxes Star Trek Beastie Boys

When the young Jim Kirk of J.J. Abram's Star Trek reboot takes his uncle's Corvette for a joyride, he chooses to play a classic song for a classic car - "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys.

Confirming the group and its music to also exist in the Trek universe sent fans reeling, since the band's other hit – "Intergalactic" – includes an explicit reference to Star Trek character "Mr. Spock," and his signature 'Vulcan nerve pinch.' The obvious paradox was left unexplained, with Abrams shrugging off any deeper meaning:

"I wish I could say it was done on purpose, but it was not. I just dig the song."

Abrams would double-down on the paradox in Star Trek Into Darkness, with Kirk’s introduction set to the sounds of a remix of the group's single, "Body Movin'."


The Dark Knight's Financial Folly

Movie Plot Holes Batman Dark Knight Rises

When Bane and his henchmen launch their assault on the Gotham Stock Exchange in The Dark Knight Rises, it isn't money they're after. It's revealed the next day that Bane forged a number of transactions in Bruce Wayne’s name, bankrupting him overnight and sending his company's stock into a spiral. Lucius Fox informs Bruce that fraud "may be proven long-term," but for now, he's broke and set to lose control of his company.

Bankrupting Wayne to inconvenience him is one thing, but implying that the government, banks, newspapers and even Wayne Enterprises board members would all witness Bane's attack, then believe Bruce threw his fortune away during that exact time frame is ridiculous. This kind of clumsy plotting is rare even in Nolan's more outlandish films, yet nobody questions that Bruce's "crazy gambling" is to blame, and Bane's entire plan – and the rest of the film – hinges on the impossible-to-swallow twist.



Movie Plot Holes Paradoxes

That does it for our list of memorable movie plot holes - what do you think of our list? Did we miss any big plot holes or paradoxes you can name? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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