Movie News Wrap Up: October 14th 2011

Jack Nicholson for 42

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Jack's back in 42Zorro gets rebooted; Gene Hackman is man in Nebraska; Robert Redford keeps Good Company and Sony plays ball with a Steve Jobs biopic.

1. Vulture is reporting that Jack Nicholson has been offered a role in Legendary Pictures' forthcoming Jackie Robinson biopic, 42.

Screenwriter turned director Brian Helgeland will helm the film, which will chart Robinson’s life and career. While it is uncertain who Nicholson will be playing, Vulture is speculating that it’s Brooklyn Dodgers executive Branch Rickey.

Chances are it’ll be another Oscar nomination for Nicholson, who has been keeping something of a low profile lately.

Source: Vulture


2. Columbia Pictures looks set to reboot the Zorro franchise. The Studio had great success in 1998 with The Mask Of Zorro – which grossed over $250 million. However, its belated sequel; The Legend of Zorro (in 2005) only grossed $140 million at the worldwide box office. Both films starred Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, and had Martin Campbell calling the shots.

Zorro reboot on the way

The studio may call the reboot either The Forging of Zorro or Zorro: The Legend Begins. Personally, I’d go for the former as it's far more interesting than the rather generic “Begins”.

Having said that, most people on the street might think that it’s a bootleg Zorro rather than one made of steel. Or something.

Source: Moviehole


3. Might we see Gene Hackman on the screen once more?

We will if The Descendents director Alexander Payne has his way. Hackman is at the top of his list to star in his next film Nebraska. The film follows “a geriatric gin-hound of a dad who takes his estranged son with him from Montana to Publisher's Clearing House headquarters — with a detour through Omaha, Nebraska — in order to claim his million-dollar sweepstakes prize.”

Gene Hackman is the first choice for Nebraska

Paramount has told Payne that he needs a star to anchor the film – if he intends to shoot the $20 million film in black and white. An offer has apparently gone out to Hackman, who hasn’t acted since 2004’s Welcome to Mooseport.

If the French Connection star declines, then Payne may move on to Robert Duvall, Robert Forster (is he even bankable?) or Jack Nicholson.

Source: Vulture


4. Anna Kendrick, Terrence Howard, Brendan Gleeson, Sam Elliott, and America's Got Talent’s Jackie Evancho have joined the cast of Robert Redford and Shia LaBeouf’s The Company You Keep.

According to Variety:

“Redford stars as Jim Grant, a former Weather Underground militant wanted by the FBI for 30 years who must go on the run when a young, ambitious reporter (LaBeouf) exposes his true identity.

Kendrick will play Diana, a young FBI agent and LaBeouf's former flame who provides him with information he needs to uncover the truth about Grant and the Bank of Michigan robbery.

Howard will play Cornelius, the senior FBI agent on the case who has relentlessly pursued Grant across the nation and now leads the task force assigned to take down the Weather Underground fugitives who have been on the run for three decades.”

The political thriller, which Redford also directs co-stars Julie Christie, Brit Marling, Nick Nolte, Susan Sarandon, Richard Jenkins, Stanley Tucci and Chris Cooper.

Source: Variety


5. Sony Pictures is working to pick-up the rights to Steve Jobs’s authorized biography by Walter Isaacson.

According to Deadline:

“The 448-page profile is based on over 40 interviews with the Apple co-founder and over 100 conversations with friends, family members, colleagues and competitors. And it’s a compelling story: the building of the world’s most valuable technology company by creating the devices that changed how people use electronics and revolutionized the computer, music, and mobile phone industries.”

It is believed that the film may be similar in tone to Moneyball and The Social Network.

Source: Deadline

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