Movie News Wrap Up: November 5th, 2011

Keaton's Penthouse North picked up for distribution

This week:

Michael Keaton's Penthouse North moves to a new Dimension; Dirty Dancing gets a release date; Jason Statham is a Hummingbird; Steve Carell hears the Dogs of Babel and Vin Diesel's Riddick 3 runs out of money!

1. Michael Keaton’s latest film, Penthouse North has been picked up by Dimension Films.

Joseph Ruben directs David Loughery’s script which sees Michelle Monaghan as a blind photographer terrorized by Keaton. The reason? She has millions of dollars worth of stolen diamonds hidden in her apartment.

Rubeun knows how to put together an adult oriented thriller; his original The Stepfather is a minor-classic in the horror genre, while his Julia Roberts effort Sleeping With The Enemy grossed over $100 million (in 1991 money). Michael Keaton is, well, Micheal Keaton. The man’s an icon in certain circles, so it’s always great to see him on the screen – something that doesn’t happen with enough frequency.

Filming on the thriller starts this December in Ottawa.

Source: Deadline


2. Somebody out there apparently asked for it, and somebody is going to get it – the Dirty Dancing remake finally has a release date. Yipee!

Dirty Dancing remake gets a release date

That date is July 26, 2013, so get it written in your diary.

Kenny Ortega will direct Maria Maggenti’s script, which will see Baby getting out of the corner 26 years after Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze had the time of their lives.

Source: THR


3. Nobody does medium-budgeted action quite like Jason Statham. Hollywood knows this, so they’ve hired the gravel-voiced Brit to star in Hummingbird.

Jason Statham stars in Hummingbird

Deadline reports:

“Statham will play a damaged ex-Special Forces soldier trapped in London’s criminal underworld, but he becomes an avenging angel when he is able to assume another identity.”

So, it’s like Bourne meets a Jason Statham movie. Hmmmm.

The $20 million film starts shooting in London next year.

Source: Deadline


 4. John Carney, the director of the very sweet little Irish film Once (great soundtrack – check it out) will direct Steve Carell in Dogs of Babel.

Steve Carell stars in Dogs of Babel

The LA Times reports that plot "concerns a professor (Carell) who tries to coax his dog to speak out about the death of the professor's wife, to which the canine was the only witness.”

Sounds barking.

Dogs of Babel is based on the novel by Carolyn Parkhurst.

Source: LA Times


5. Vin Diesel’s third go-around as Riddick appears to have hit a snag. Gossip site TMZ is reporting that the film has run out of cash, and that the production has been kicked out of its studio space.

Diesel's third Riddick film runs out of money

TMZ reports:

“Michel Trudel -- the owner of the Montreal studio where the new movie is being shot -- who tells us he changed the locks and kicked everyone off the set Wednesday because the production company, One Race Films, has failed to pay up on time.”

The site also states that members of the Riddick 3 crew haven’t been paid in two weeks.

Is this Riddick-ulous gossip or a sign of our economic times?

Source: TMZ


That’s it for now. See you at the movies!

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