Movie News Wrap Up: March 17th, 2012

Our wrap up of various movie news items we may have missed this week, including news on Michael Fassbender in 'The Mountain Between Us', Jeremy Renner replacing Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Motor City, Brad Pitt in 'The Counselor' he and more.

This week:

Michael Fassbender climbs The Mountain Between Us; Piranha 3DD bites into a new release date; Halle Berry visits The Hive; Nathan Fillion is a god in Percy Jackson; Owen, Crudup, Kunis, Caan, Saldana and Cotillard have Blood Ties; Warner Bros. waves its wand at Mandrake the Magician; Jeremy Renner revs-up for Motor City and Brad Pitt is a Counselor.


Michael Fassbender is currently circling The Mountain Between Us, a new survival drama from 20th Century Fox.

According to Variety:

“The film follows two strangers who survive a plane crash in the Colorado woods and are forced to rely on one another for survival, eventually falling in love."

"Fassbender would play Ben Trace, a doctor and avid climber who uses his skills to transport an injured writer named Ashley down a mountain in harsh weather.”

Miss Bala’s Gerardo Naranjo will direct the romantic drama, which is based on a novel by Charles Martin, with a script by J. Mills Goodloe.

Fassbender will have a busy time over the next year or so – he has Ridley Scott’s The Counselor in the pipeline, he’ll be reuniting with Shame’s Steve McQueen for Twelve Years a Slave and he has an X-Men sequel on the way.

Source: Variety


If you like babes, bikinis and blood then you’ll be happy to know that the delayed Piranha 3DD will now hit theaters on June 1st.

piranha3dd gets a release date

The aquatic thriller, which stars Ving Rhames and Paul Sheer is a sequel to the 2010 film which grossed $25 million domestically and over $83 million globally, from a budget of $24 million. That’s more than chump change.

Source: Shock Till You Drop


Halle Berry is set to star in The Hive, a new thriller from The Machinist director Brad Anderson.

Variety reports :

“Set against the backdrop of a 911 call center, fast-paced suspense pic will find Berry playing a 911 emergency operator who must face her own fears in order to save a teenage girl from a disturbed killer.”

Berry was originally attached to the film when Batman and Robin director Joel Schumacher signed to direct, but the pair pulled out in January, which is when Anderson signed on. The film was delayed, meaning that Berry was able to re-sign for the film that will now start shooting in June.

Source: Variety


Castle star Nathan Fillion will star as Hermes in Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea of Monsters.

Thor Freudenthal will direct the sequel to 2010’s Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, which grossed $226.5 million globally.

Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario and Brandon T. Jackson will return to star in the film, which is based on Rick Riordan's best-selling book series.

Fillion replaces Dylan Neal who played Hermes in the first film.

Source: THR


Clive Owen and Billy Crudup will join Mila Kunis, James Caan Zoe Saldana and Marion Cotillard in Blood Ties, a new 70s set crime thriller directed by Guillaume Canet.

According to THR:

"An adaptation of a French novel titled Les liens du sang, the story centers on a younger brother (Crudup) who has to ask his convict older brother (Owen) to go back into the underworld to help out the family. Kunis and Cotillard play love interests."

A cast like this means that Blood Ties will be a film to watch - shame about the generic title.

Source: THR


Warner Bros and Atlas Entertainment are set to bring Mandrake the Magician to the screen.

Warners to make Mandrake movie

According to THR:

“Created by Lee Falk in 1934, Mandrake told of the adventures of an illusionist who had the power to hypnotize his foes at great speed. With his companion Lothar, an African strongman, he fought evildoers ranging from gangsters to masters of disguise to aliens. He also had a twin brother who used his power for evil instead of good.”

The character was first on screens in 1939 when Columbia Pictures made a 12-part serial, and later in the 70s when a TV movie was produced.

Disney previously retained the rights, with directors Chuck Russell and Mimi Leder and actors Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Hayden Christensen attached at different times.

Warner Bros hope to give it the Sherlock Holmes make-over treatment.

Source: THR


Jeremy Renner is a potential replacement for Jake Gyllenhaal in Motor City.

The Albert Hughes-directed project has seen Chris Evans, Dominic Cooper and Gyllenhaal drop out of the film, and a start date on the horizon means that they need a star – and fast.

It’ll be a tight squeeze because Renner wants a role opposite Michael Fassbender in the Ridley Scott/Cormac McCarthy film The Counselor.

Time will tell.

Source: Twitch Film


Speaking of  The Counselor, it may also star Brad Pitt.

The star has apparently met with Ridley Scott to discuss a role in the film, which according to Twitch is “the minor role of Westray - a business associate of the counselor's”.

Will it happen?

Well, Pitt did work with Scott back in the day on Thelma and Louise.

Source: Twitch


That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

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