Movie News Wrap Up: March 10th, 2012

This week:

The Bandito Bros get busy with Gold's Gulch and High Speed; Nicole Kidman is Weisz to Colin Firth's Railway Man; The Man From Nowhere finds a home at Dimension; behold Moonrise Kingdom and Jake Gyllenhaal takes his foot off the gas in Motor City.

1. Bandito Brothers, the production company behind the low budget action hit Act of Valor has lined up that film's co-director Mike “Mouse” McCoy to direct God’s Gulch.

Bandito Brothers line up new movies

Brooks McClaren will write the script for film, which according to Deadline has the following logline:

“In the wake of the entire computer network shutting down and the ensuing economic and societal collapse, a group must come together to fight for their survival.”

McCoy’s Act of Valor co-director Scott Waugh is also set to direct a Bandito Brothers picture High Speed; “a gritty, stylized car chase film that is being written by Greg Russo.”

Before these films, the duo will helm the Arnold Schwarzenegger project Black Sands, which starts this summer.

Source: Deadline


2. Nicole Kidman will replace Rachel Weisz in the role of Colin Firth's wife in The Railway Man, the real-life story of Eric Lomax.

“The film tells the true story of a second lieutenant in the Royal Corp of Signals, who was captured by Japanese forces in World War II and sent to a prison camp in Thailand, where he suffered torture at the hands of his captors. Years after the fighting is over, the former prisoner of war is still struggling to cope with the psychological damage caused.

Nicole will play Lomax's second wife Patti, who helps him to confront his fears and hatred by writing to the former Japanese officer he holds responsible and helping him to forgive.”

Wesiz had to withdraw from the film due to press commitments for The Deep Blue Sea. Jeremy Irvine will play the young Lomax in the war scenes for the film which starts shooting soon in Thailand, Scotland and Australia.

Jonathan Teplitzky directs from a script by Frank Cottrell Boyce (Danny Boyle’s Millions).

Source: The Press Association


3. Dimension Films will produce and release the US remake of the Korean film The Man From Nowhere.

The Man From Nowhere gets US remake

Abduction writer Shawn Christensen will script the remake of the film, "which follows a quiet pawnshop keeper with a violent past who takes on a drug- and organ-trafficking ring to save the child who is his only friend."

Source: Deadline


4. Wes Anderson’s latest live-action project - since 2007’s The Darjeeling Limited - Moonrise Kingdom, is gearing up for release, and a new poster for the film has been unveiled – check it out below:

New Moonrise Kingdom poster

Anderson’s films are always worth catching, and this one is no different, especially with a cast that includes Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton, Jason Schwartzman and Frances McDormand.

Source: Moviefone


5. Jake Gyllenhaal has dropped out of Dark Castle Production’s Motor City.

Scheduling problems are the reason behind the actors departure from the Albert Hughes directed thriller which will co-star Gary Oldman and Amber Heard.

The production is re-grouping in an attempt to secure a new lead.

Source: Deadline


That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

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