Movie News Wrap Up: July 7th, 2012

This week:

We catch a glimpse of Riddick; Dredd shows some e-motion; Angelina Jolie flies high in Maleficent and Angela Bassett and Dylan McDermott climb Olympus.

Vin Diesel has unleashed a new image from Riddick, the sequel to his surprise 2000 hit Pitch Black and its overblown 2004 follow-up, The Chronicles of Riddick. The first film was a neat little B-action movie, while the second installment was something of an overblown disaster. It was the cinematic equivalent of a McDonald’s employee opening up a gourmet restaurant after a customer told them that they made a good burger.

New Riddick Image

IMBD states that the film is now going by the title The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking. Let’s hope that changes - it's Riddick-ulous.

Source: Vin Diesel


The marketing for Dredd is well and truly ramping up. The Pete Travis directed actioner is going to Comic-Con and a new (and cool) motion poster has hit the inter-web. Check out the poster below, as well as a behind the scenes image from the forthcoming 2000 AD adaptation.


Source: 2000 AD


Someone has magic-upped a slew of behind the scenes images from Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent. The Sleeping Beauty retelling is currently filming and Angelina seems to be having a 'Jolie old time' on the set.


FYI - I don't think that the cars will make the final cut of the film.


Source: Collider


Angela Bassett and Dylan McDermott have joined the cast of Olympus Has Fallen. The film sees Gerard Butler’s Secret Service agent “pull a John McClane” when a bunch of Korean terrorists take-over the White House. Aaron Eckhart plays the President.

McDermott plays a Secret Service agent (like he did in 1993’s Clint Eastwood starrer In The Line of Fire), while Bassett is the Secret Service director. I get the feeling that Bassett is going to be doing a lot of shouting at Butler via walkie-talkie.

Sources: THR & Variety

That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

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