Movie News Wrap Up: January 03, 2010

Welcome to the first Wrap Up of 2010. It’s been a quiet week movie news wise, so there isn’t a great deal to report except:

Avatar is still number one at the box office; Mel Gibson is involved in Mad Max 4; Whitaker, Winstone and Li visit St Vincent with Mickey Rourke.

Box Office

James Cameron must be a very happy man. Avatar has now crossed the $300 million marker at the U.S. box office – with $350 million now in the bank. The film now has $1 billion in global ticket sales and even with the budget for the film and marketing being mooted as high as $500 million it has now sailed into the waters marked profit on the map.

Sherlock Holmes was number 2 again with a respectable $38 million gross, giving the Robert Downey Jr adventure film an impressive $140 million total.

Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel banked another $37 million for a huge $158 million total. $200 million looks like a cert!

It’s Complicated is holding up well with another $19 million in the bank. With $47 million in the bank so far it looks like we’re going to be seeing at least one Meryl Streep comedy a year for the foreseeable future.

The Blind Side just under $13 million this weekend bringing the film over $200 million at the domestic box office and giving Sandra Bullock her first double century hit.

George Clooney’s Up In The Air named $11 million over the weekend with a total of $37 million. With award nominations to come it looks like this is going to be a very profitable film.

Princess and The Frog brought in another $10 million for a $79 million total. It might just squeeze to $100 million.

Did You Hear About The Morgans? brought its total to $22 million. With $5 million over the weekend, it looks like this won’t see a $30 million finish.

Invictus seems to be nearing its run with another $4 million in the bank. With $28 million in the till already this will get to about $40 million or more if it gets some awards heat. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. At least Clint Eastwood makes films on a modest budget.

Meanwhile the hotly tipped Nine seems to be underperforming – big time. It took less than $4 million over the weekend for an $11 million total. Word on the street is that the Weinstein Company is going to start pulling it from unprofitable screens. Oh dear.

Movie News

1. It looks like Mel Gibson is involved in Mad Max Fury Road after all. At this stage though it would appear that the star won’t be starring – but his company Icon will be co-funding the George Miller directed film.

Maybe, just maybe…

Source: Moviehole

2. Forest Whitaker, Ray Winstone and Gong Li have joined Iron Man 2's Mickey Rourke in Walter Hill’s St Vincent.

The script by Cameron Young “centers on a hit man returning to his former New York City neighborhood to finish off the botched killing of an informant. He’s then forced to masquerade as a priest and finds himself taking the confessions of his target.”

Knowing that Walter Hill has a fascination with the western , I assume that it will be a modern day take on the genre.

Source: Twitch Film

That's it for now. See you at the movies.

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