Movie News Wrap Up: December 31st, 2011

Sylvester Stallone in Bullet to the Head

This week:

Stallone’s Bullet in the Head is absolutely rock hard; Charlize Theron talks Mad Max; Harry Potter director David Yates hears a Voice; Ben Affleck models the 70s look in Argo; someone opens the Nightmare Box and Scout Taylor Compton and Dee Wallace rule in King.

1. Sylvester Stallone’s Bullet in the Head (formally Headshot) is gearing up for release in the early months of 2012 (April to be exact) and it looks like the Rambo and Expendables star is still in tip-top shape. Check out the above pic if you don’t believe us.

The Walter Hill directed actioner co-stars Sung Kang, Jason Momoa and Christian Slater. The project caused some controversy earlier in the year when Thomas Jane was dropped from the film and replaced by Kang, because apparently producer Joel Silver wanted the film to be more “ethnic.”

Source: Collider


2. Total Film chatted with Charlize Theron about the long in development and oft-delayed fourth installment of the Mad Max series, and when asked about the forthcoming George Miller film, the Prometheus star said:

“I think we’ve been told is it’s not a sequel or a prequel. It’s the world of Mad Max but it’s a re-imagination.”

The actress also seemed slightly uncertain that the increasingly busy Tom Hardy would be in the film:

“I play a warrior and Mad Max is played by Tom Hardy; at least I hope it’s still Tom Hardy. That’s really all I think I can say”.

Might Miller need another hero for Mad Max: Fury Road?

Source: Total Film


3. David Yates, the director of the last four Harry Potter films is set to direct a screen adaptation of Emma Forrest's memoir Your Voice in My Head.

Forrest will write the screenplay for the film “which explores the personal crisis she faced when an all-consuming romance fell apart and her psychiatrist died.”

Yates compared the film to the Harry Potter series by saying:

“It's a small film, hard hitting and with elements of magic realism. Compared to Potter it would cost tuppency ha'penny, and for that reason it would be incredibly liberating to make."

The Potter films were basically made on an assembly line, so I’m sure that Yates is excited to stretch his directing chops once more.

Source: Variety


4. Warner Bros. has released the first official image of Affleck in Argo.

First image of Ben Affleck in Argo

Affleck directs and stars in the real-life drama about a CIA plot to rescue US hostages from Iran in 1979.

According to THR:

“Affleck plays Tony Mendez, a CIA "exfiltration" specialist, who developed a plan to free six Americans who were able to escape from the U.S. Embassy in Tehran while it was under attack from Iranian militants.”

George Clooney produces the film which opens on September 14th, 2012.

Source: THR


5. A curious new low-budget British horror called The Nightmare Box is on the way.

Writer/director Jon Keeyes (Suburban Nightmare) says:

"The Nightmare Box is an experimental movie blending horror and psychological drama. I've always wanted to do a movie that really twists the perceptions of reality and creates some bizarre and surreal characters that may or may not exist in reality. The movie is a dark journey filled with horror, violence, sex, guilt, shame and how people deal with the consequences of their actions."

According to Shock Till You Drop the film is “about a young woman who wakes up in a strange room with no idea who she is, where she is, or how she got there and must unravel the mystery of her identity while dealing with a variety of fantastical and frightening characters.”

The best horror films are always the low budget ones. Fact. Well, except maybe The Exorcist.

Source: Shock Till You Drop


6. It looks like two generations of Scream Queen - Scout Taylor Compton (Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie’s Halloween) and Dee Wallace (The Howling) are set to join forces in a new horror titled King.

The film, which is described as “modern fable with a new slant on the morality tale” sees Compton and Wallace playing a granddaughter and grandmother who are held captive by King, the family dog who has now become their adversary.

The film apparently has parallels with fellow canine tales (tails?) Little Red Riding Hood and Cujo. Brett A. Hart (Bone Dry) directs.

Source: Screen Rant

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